Time is a-creeping

I am quite surprised – when I put them in last year, they didn’t look like they were going to amount of anything. But my creeping thyme (ground cover) is blooming beautifully:

Speaking of creeping thyme, a few years ago, I suddenly realized that time was silently creeping away whether or not I was paying attention. Time was just simply ticking away second by second, moment by moment…

I argued, “But…. wait…. there’s still much more I would like to accomplish!” But time didn’t seem to wait or slow down because of my concerns, and continued to creep away. It was then I started to be protective of my time. I started to evaluate the things I do that fill my time. I began to value the time that is given to me.

For the rest of the time I have left, my desire is that I would be taught to number my days so that I may apply my heart to wisdom (Psalm 90:12).


This post was meant for Saturday, but I wasn’t able to post it before time crept away in the midst of my anniversary weekend. See what I mean about time that is a-creeping”?

I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. I will be back tomorrow. :)