Bastille Day & Thread Journey Part 3!!!

Today is Bastille Day!  This very key from Bastille prison is displayed prominently at Historic Mount Vernon.  It was a gift from Marquis de Layfayette to the venerated General Washington who is almost like a father to Lafayette. Click here to read more about the fascinating story.[As of 7EST today, I heard the news of the Bastille Day tragedy.  So sad!  It’s during times like these, words fail me and I can only pray.]


[photo credit: Mount Vernon Ladies Association]


Hello Friends, Happy Thursday!  Over at Auribuzz today, we have the final installment for constructing the Thready Journey quilt top!  Here are a few beauty shots I took of my Thread Journey Version 2 completed quilt top.  We will continue on with quilting Thread Journey a month from now.  So, if you would still like to join the journey, just hop on!!!  Auribuzz has all the instructions, as well as upcoming schedule.


The mottled light gray fabric I used for the outer border is my new favorite gray.  In case you want to track it down, it is color 37098-12 from Windham Fabrics’ Palette collection.



I unwittingly captured the seams on the back of my quilt, reflected by the sunlight.  I love this shot.


Have a most fanta-bulous day, my Friends!!!  And I am always grateful that you are part of my life’s journey.