Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part DONE!

Come congratulate me! My “McMansions” Project (pattern: Sampler Gameboard by The Drawn Thread) is DONE, DONE, DONE!

I was so excited about the possibility and thought of having a January finish last week that I could hardly carry on with my daily duties. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sit still – I was all the while thinking about finishing the sampler. Okay, you know I am being overly dramatic! I worked on it on and off whenever I had a few uninterrupted moments. And it is now FINISHED! You will noticed that I could only fit two letters for my initial, because that “W” is so very encompassing. I decided to only do my last name initial for the square within the gameboard for the very same reason:

This sampler was started in December 2008. I was just getting back in the wonderful world of cross-stitching, particularly antique and reproduction samplers. I liked the whimsical look of the sampler, and the fact that I didn’t have to stitch very far for the individual small pictures within the big picture to emerge:

I was reminded of the verse in John14:2 as I was stitching toward the finish line: “In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.”

Thank you for walking this stitching journey with me. Many of you had been there since the very beginning of this McMansion project. Some of you are relatively new to this. But in either case, please know that I appreciate you! Your encouraging words always make my day.

I wish you a lovely Monday, and a lovely week ahead!

Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 18

As you can see, I am soooooo very close! I would really like to get this completed!


I have to clean house; I have magazine quilts to complete;

I have thank-you notes to write; I have a baby to watch; I have laundry to do; I have things to go through and organize;

I have…. I have….. I am swamped (but then, I am used to it)!

Let me know if you would like to volunteer for any of the aforementioned tasks so that I can get my sampler finished!! :)

Thanks for popping by. I hope you have a great day – meanwhile, I am going to tackle all those tasks I have mentioned. A woman’s work is never done!

Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 17

Good day, everyone.  I hope you are doing well.

I managed to work a little more on my Gameboard – here is the latest:

Two more new houses were added to the neighborhood.  I loved how the sun comes up behind this sun:

I sure hope that the squirrel won’t be tempted bother with the siding or the roof of this house:

Thanks for popping by.  I am off to getting a few things done and in order to check them off my to-do list!  We have a sunny day — YAY!

Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 16

Good day, my bloggy friends! I haven’t posted an updated on my McMansions project for a while, but I am still working on it on and off. Here is a picture of the latest progress:


Compare the last progress picture I had posted:


I don’t have that much to go…. I am quite eager to get to the finish line!


I’d better get going as I have quite a few things on my to-do list I have yet to accomplish. I will catch up with you later, ta-da!

Oh, before I take my leave…. don’t you think this is one cute-looking rodent?! To be honest with you, I had thought it was a squirrel instead of a rat. I can pretty dense sometimes.


Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 15

I have been quite motivated to work on my Gameboard because I am just chomping at the bit to start on “The American Sampler”.  So, here is my latest progress:


You can see that I seem to have a bit of trouble learning my numbers :) :


One stitch at a time is one stitch closer to the finish line!


Thank you for stopping by!  I will catch up with you next week – meanwhile, I need to tend to some new fabrics that are in the washer needed to be dried!  Have a LOVELY weekend!

Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 14

Yup, the neighborhood has experienced the effects of the housing slump! It’s been a while since I did an update, but here is the latest:


Compared to the last update, you will noticed that I finally mastered my ABC’s:


I happened to like this “Christmas House” a lot as red and green are my Christmas colors.  I think the mistress of this house keeps her Christmas decorations up ALL YEAR LONG!


And this new house certainly reminds me of a layered cake!


I had hunkered down and made myself work a little on the Sampler Gameboard because I am SO want to start on “The American Sampler”. “The American Sampler” chart was published in Spring 1992, and will be republished Spring next year. I am going to be good – I will wait till I am finished with Gameboard before jumping into “The American Sampler”…

American Sampler

I will be good! I will be good! I will be good….

Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 13

blue monday

You can see that there is a bit of progress from the last time I posted on my Gameboard Sampler:


Latest progress picture:


While working on Gameboard this past week, I also noticed there’s quite a bit of blue in the design —

Blue roof:


Blue siding:

Gameboard 5


Blue windows:


Blue shutters:


Blue flowers:


Blue bird:


Blue lettering:


And of course, blue sky!


Thank you for putting up with my blue pictures today.  As always, I appreciate you stopping by!  Have yourself a great week!

Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 12

Mrs. Dunwoody’s Recipe for a Happy Home


Half a cup of friendship, and a cup of thoughtfulness

creamed together with a punch of powdered tenderness,

very lightly beaten in a bowl of loyalty

with a cup of faith, one of hope, and one of charity.


Be sure to add a spoonful of gaiety that sings,

also the ability to laugh at little things.


Moisten with sudden tears of heartfelt sympathy,

bake in a good-natured oven and serve repeatedly.


Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely day!

Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 11

At long last, my Gameboard Sampler is looking more like a sampler in that the alphabets have finally emerged:


I try to squeeze in some stitching time everyday even though I would normally only get a few stitches in. But with every stitch I put in, I am one stitch closer to the finishing line! :) You can see that the neighborhood is sporting some new critters – a squirrel and a bumblebee:


When I get a few moments with my hands free, I have also been enjoying Book 3 of the Pemberley Chronicles, “Netherfield Park Revisited”. This book is mainly about Jonathan, the son of Charles and Jane Bingsley, and his purchase of Netherfield — the place that held sweet memories for his parents:


Have a productive day, everyone! I will catch up with you later.

Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 10

I made a little bit of progress on the Gameboard Sampler last night:


You can see the construction of the fence around the neighborhood has begun:


On another note, I was able to check out Book 2 of The Pemberley Chronicles “The Women of Pemberley” from the library. I can’t wait to get started. This book picks up from where the first Chronicles book left off, and ushers us into the Victorian era. That’s as much as I know for now:


Have a Terrific Thursday, Everyone. I will catch up with you later!

Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 9

Hello Everyone, I hope your day is going well for you.

I thought I would start out my post with a few awards from recent months. Thank you ladies, for the gracious awards:

Missy gave me:

dishaholic-award(Missy is a talented photographer who is also a fellow dishaholic and heirloom seamstress)

I am passing on this award to two ladies that have the most interesting dish finds:



My new friend Rhondi gave me:

letsbefriends(Rhondi loves quilting and has blue/white dishes – a lady after my own heart!)

I am passing on this award to two ladies that do amazing work:



Caron gave me:

dardos(I love following Caron’s progress of her Dear Jane quilt)

I am passing this award to two ladies that always have eye candies on their blog:



Before I go, here are pictures to show my snail-paced progress on the gameboard sampler.


gameboard28Thanks again for stopping by!

Needlework: My “McMansions” Project – Part 8

Happy Monday, Everyone! I had a bit of a time to squeeze in a few more stitches on The Sampler Gameboard:



I have a bit of a “bird’s nest” on this house — as I made a boo boo. So, I am in the process of un-stitchimg to rectify the situation:



Also, I have an update on “The Chronicles of Pemberley”. Some of you have asked me last week if I liked the book. I didn’t know the answer back then because I hadn’t read the book. I started on the book over the weekend, and found it to be a very delightful read. So far I am into about 80 pages — my summary of the pleasantly executed plot is that the happy ending of “Pride and Prejudice” just got happier. Chronicles mainly picks up from after the marriages of Jane and Elizabeth, and focuses on their lives thereafter. The usual suspects of the original Pride and Prejudice are woven into the story with mastery, with the addition of new characters. I have also enjoyed the snippets of life for the gentry class prior to pre-industrialization in Great Britain.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope your week got off a stupendous start!