Cozy Patch

A wonderful Wednesday to you! This is now safely returned to me:


I have initially named this quilt “Spring Cozy”, but the editorial staff at “The Quilter” renamed the project “Cozy Patch” for their May Issue magazine. I think “Cozy Patch” is a much cozier name (that’s why I am not an editor!):


I am pleased with the sweet and soft look of the quilt – perfect to go with all things feminine:



Who could resist these scrumptious floral prints? And the baby sky blue paisleys?!



Gotta run – I will catch up with you later!

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

… CHRISTMAS in my house! I managed to get most of all my Christmas stuff up for this year! I love to decorate for Christmas — each year I try to come up some new ways to display what I already have. Oftentimes I have to re-do certain displays multiple times until I am satisfied with the result, but to me, that’s part of the fun!

Here is something new for this year – I decided to include some Christmas colored threads as part of my Christmas decorations. I thought it was only fitting for the home of a needleworker/quilter:


I had made this little grapevine wreath to go specifically with the broken arch colonial looking glass (mirror). I added a bit of sparkle this year by adding that little heart ornament:



These are all the pictures I have for today. I have more coming… stay tuned! :) Have a lovely Tuesday!

Needle-wielding Fun

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well and had enjoyed your Labor Day weekend! :) I ended up spending some wonderful time at my quilting mentor’s house sewing and watching part of “Persuasion” with her.

Since I am waiting for fabrics to get started being swamped again with quilting projects, I had some down time to work on some needlework projects. I have been smocking away on my dotted Swiss (pictures will come later)…

But for now, I will show you the progress I have made on my “bears” cross-stitch:

This is from a couple of weeks ago:

Are we there yet?

Well, not quite, not even close – but we are closer than before. See pictures for comparison:

As a stitcher, it is not a matter of how fast I get something finished except that if I get something completed faster, I can work on yet another new design. But I also cherish the process so that I can associate a particular piece of stitchery with different memories from different stages of my life. Okay, I think I am romanticizing this a little bit. ;)

Have a beary wonderful Tuesday, everyone!

A “barely” noticeable progress…

I am still working away on my “Family Tree” fabrics – I am about 1/3 done out of the 25 blocks. I didn’t think I would have time to work on other fun things, but the opportunity presented itself two nights ago after we returned from a Memorial Day bar-be-que and after our “after-dinner” guests left…. I managed to do a bit of cross-stitching before bedtime. I was glad to be able to wield my needle for even just a little bit. I will show you the before and after the “after-dinner” guests pictures:



Meanwhile, these are the books I am planning to read for the next few weeks. Reading introduces me to meet people I would never be able to meet. Reading transports me to places I know I will not be able to visit. Reading expands the horizon of my exposure. Reading is a love of my life…

“I cannot live without books.” ~ Thomas Jefferson, 1815.

I am moving beary slowly…

I am not particularly in love with teddy bears. Don’t get me wrong, I am fond of them and think they are cute. But by comparison, my sister is the REAL teddy bear lover between the two of us. Somehow for reasons unknown, I seem to have amassed my own collection of teddy bears – the pincushions, the “work-in-progress” teddy bear cross-stitch, my “LC” bear, and…. guess what I found this morning in one of the drawers of an occasional table in the living room — a blown glass TEDDY BEAR ornament that I had forgotten to put up after Christmas! I have shown the ornament with the beary slow progress on my cross-stitch:

Here is what I had shown last week:

As you can see, I am moving beary slowly! But I guess I am at least moving… :) Now, I am going to put up the ornament in its proper box lest I should lose it for Christmas this year!

A beary special gift

My little patchwork bear, Lady Carlyle, says “Konichiwa” (translated: hello) to you on this Monday morning!

You see, she officially joined our household during a snowy afternoon in December last year. She had come with a package packed with other goodies from Japan. Can you see the snow pelting down outside the window?

LC is handmade by a very gracious lady Mrs. M from Japan who is a hand quilter. Her sweet daughter had stayed with us for three weeks as an exchange student last August. We were honored to host Kumiko as a guest in our home, and I was definitely honored to receive LC as a gift from Mrs. M. LC is named after my Lady Carlyle dishes (how original eh?). You see, LC has taken such a liking to the Lady Carlyle pieces, so what can I say? I would also be remiss not to mention to you that LC hosts some mean tea parties too!

LC thinks she is the queen of my 3-tier server:

Mrs. M and I have sent each other quilting-related things from time to time even though we have never met or spoken with each other. It is a unique friendship I share with Mrs. M because of our love of sewing and quilting. I hope one day I would get to meet this wonderful lady in person.

Mrs. M is one many women that have become special to me in my sewing world. I look forward to sharing with you the other sewing friends I have met and come to love over the last couple of years.

Thanks for such a special gift, Mrs. M! Have a “beary” wonderful week, everyone! And Happy Crafting!!

p.s. A very beary Happy Birthday to my sister!

A “bear” necessity of sewing

I love my teddy bear magnetic pincushions. They had come all the way from Great Britain to sit proudly on one of the occasional tables in my living room, by the chair I love to sit in for needlework. One of them is a gift I received from my brother-in-law for Christmas years ago. I consider these bears major contributors in my needlework as they keep my scissors and all sorts of needles safe and tidy so that my occasional table doesn’t look like a work table.

Close-up shot:

Here you can see the bears doing their job with perfection:

After being impressed by these bears’ job performance, a travel-sized magnetic pincushion is now a bare necessity when I travel. Thus, I present to you my little one-and-a-half-inch hedgehog that minds the needles just as impressively!

What nifty sewing gadgets do you absolutely have to have while sewing or doing needlework?

p.s. In case you are wondering where one finds such a thoughtful brother-in-law who would buy a fancy pincushion for a gift, it’s easy — you just have to lay on the hinting a little thick! :) I do have a very nice brother-in-law!