A new purpose


I am not a pack rat, but for some reason, I just couldn’t bear throwing this cracked teacup away. This pitiful cup was shoved to the back of the cabinet – being relegated to a state of uselessness…


I had read about how someone had turned a teacup into a pincushion – sorry, I can’t remember whose blog it was. I thought it was such a cute idea, and decided to give my cracked teacup a makeover, a new purpose in life!! First, I cut out a circle about three times the diameter of the teacup:


Then, I sewed some buttons somewhere in the center of the circle:


Next, I ran gathering stitching while turning the edge of the circle:


I then pulled the thread to make a yoyo, stuffed it with polyester filling, and inserted it into the cup:


Now I have a teacup pincushion. Buttons of different colors were sewn to help me keep my needles organized since I do different kinds of needlework. That way, I keep all the needles for one purpose at the same location using the color coded buttons:



To cover up the hairline crack, I attached a magnet on the cup to hold my scissors. To complete the ensemble, I added the saucer to my teacup pincushion to catch any waste and loose threads. Now my cracked teacup is no longer ashamed to be displayed together with its own kind because it is now doing the job no teacups normally do:


As always, thank you for stopping by. I hope your day goes well for you!