Sweet reminder: Sneak Peek

I would categorize my life of late as “whirlwind”! I was supposed to have this project done the first thing of the year, but due to fabric shipment issue and then mix-up at the mail service, I didn’t get my fabrics till 5 days before I will be incommunicado for about 2 weeks! To describe my life this last week as UTTER CRAZINESS is an understatement! But here are a sneak peek of my latest project – it’s my last project using the RJR‘s A is for Annabelle project – “Sweet Reminder” for Fons & Porter:

Yes, starting today, I will be incommunicado for 10-15 days. Please don’t let that stop you from visiting as I already have posts scheduled. Drop me a line as you normally do — and I will be immensely happy to read your comments and emails when I get back! A HUGE BLESSING to you until we “meet” again!

Tasha Tudor’s A is for Annabelle quilt kits

Many of you know that I made a couple of quilts using RJR‘s A is for Annabelle fabric collection for display at Quilt Market this year.  These fabrics are based on Tasha Tudor’s A is for Annabelle book.  The fabrics are simply darling!

The projects are now offered as kits.   Keep your eyes peeled – your local quilt shops might be carrying the kits.  Here is the full shot of “My Cup of Tea” (renamed from “Tea with Me”):

Here are the other two colorways.  You may recall I had a poll asking which was your favorite teacup and saucer set in this post.

And then, there was the “Reach for the Stars” growth chart I made.  The growth chart kits come in two different colorways.  Again, look for them in your local quilt shops.  Pattern instructions should be included in the kits.

These are quick projects that are perfect for gifts!  If you happen to be making them, I hope you have as much fun making them as I had designing them!

Thanks for stopping by!  I wish you lovely day!

Reach for the Stars: Final Sneak Peeks

I love that A is for Anabelle by Tasha Tudor gives us glimpse of what beautiful girlhood is all about.  It is…..

1.  sharing secrets with the best-est friend

2.  enjoying twiddling on a  rocking chair (by the way, I am convinced every girl has to have her little pint-sized rocking chair)

3.  playing dress up with dolls

4.  and playing MORE dress up with dolls

5.  and, and reading A is for Anabelle!

I thought it’s really neat how the wonderful people at RJR  Fabrics were able to capture so many sweet illustrations from A is for Anabelle for their upcoming A is for Anabelle fabric collection.  The reason this little quilt project is named “Reach for the Stars”  is because it is a growth chart, thus the silk ribbon rosebud bands I have used  as markings.  You can see this growth chart in all its sweet starry glory at the RJR booth at Quilt Market in Houston this year.

I have a couple more projects in the works using more A is for Anabelle fabrics.  Stay tuned.

Tea with me: Sneak Peek #1

RJR will be releasing Tasha Tudor’s A for Anabelle fabric collection later this year.

I absolutely adore Tasha Tudor, and I am tickled pink for getting to work with these sweet sweet fabrics. You can guess what is the destiny of this quilt, can’t you? ;) More sneak peeks later. This teacup and saucer set is part of an heirloom teaset I had bought years ago for my intended child, now knowns as Miss Baby.

And thus, the teacup applique on one of the blocks.  I added some hand stitchery to perk up the teacup.  I love to do machine embroidery when I can afford the time, but sometimes, I feel like nothing can compare with the effect from doing something by hand.

This is the sample for a kit project to be released later in three different colorways – pink, green and blue.  More details on that when I get them.   For now, all I can say is this sweet little quilt is going to be displayed at Quilt Market in Houston later this month!!!   Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by. I am going to disappear in Anabelle’s world for a bit. Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled for these fabrics to appear at your local quilt shops!