Sunny Delight in Fons and Porter’s LOVE OF QUILTING (January/February 2015)


Hello Friends, I have been terribly behind on posting about my magazine quilts this year.  One of the reasons is that I have been really pressed for time… it always takes a bit of time for me to style my quilts for my very un-professional photo shoot sessions.  My photography skills are very minimal, and I often rely on the outdoors to be the backdrop of my quilts.  Anyway, the weather was finally warm enough for us to venture outdoors a couple of weekends ago.

kite festival4

I am happy to share with you my Sunny Delight quilt that was featured in Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting January/February 2015 issue.  Click here to purchase quilt kit that will save you time in gathering your fabrics.


This quilt has LOTS of pieces.  I have to say I actually enjoyed piecing the quilt top.  Maybe my love for piecing has grown over time without me even realizing it.

Design 1c_69 x 69

Sunny Delight uses fabrics from a sweet, bright and cherry fabric line, LuvBugs by Benartex.


I used quite a bit of white to break up the prints used in the quilt top.  And that means, lots of quilting opportunities. I meant for the quilting to reflect a feeling of informal and fun.









You may recall I had shared with you two free-to-use designs featuring the same fabric line.

Lovey Buggy (Click on name to download pattern instructions)

High Res_Quilt_2e

Sweet Hearts (Click on quilt name to download pattern instructions)

High Res_Strip Quilt_3b

And with that, I shall bid you good bye for now.  Thank you for visiting, and I shall catch up with you tomorrow.



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A Sprinkle of Spring in FONS and PORTER’S LOVE OF QUILTING (May/June 2012)

Have you seen my “A Sprinkle of Spring” quilt featured as a bonus pattern in the May/June 2012 issue of Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting?  “A Sprinkle of Spring” quilt is my tribute to my all you quilters that also garden!  The pattern is offered right now as a free pattern at Fons and Porter‘s website, but you would have to sign in in order to access the pattern.

In the picture below, you see the light shining through the back of the quilt.  That hint of yellow shows the bright yellow fabric I used as the quilt backing.

It is a pieced and applique quilt.  Applique method was machine fusible.  I used Steam-a-Seam2 by Warm Company for the fusible web.  The watering cans are what I love best about this quilt.

A closer look shows the watering cans doing what they are supposed to do – watering. :)

The quilt is made using RJR‘s Garden Frolic fabrics.

You may recall I have another quilt, What’s the Buzz, that was made with fabrics from the same collection.

Here you can see up-close the buttonhole stitches in a contrasting thread (for visual purposes) I did on the appliqued flowers.  You may click here and here to read a bit more about how I do my fusible machine applique.

Quilting was lighthearted!  I almost exclusively use Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton threads to quilt my quilts these days, over Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting because the combination just works so well for me.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have liked “A Sprinkle of Spring”! :)  That’s it for now.

Sweet Bouquets in QUILTER’S WORLD (April 2012)

Dear Friends, I hope you are doing well.  The weather at my end of the world seems to be warming up, and we are quite excited about that!  The warm weather is just what we need to welcome in some sweet blossoms in real life.  That’s what I had in mind when I designed my Sweet Bouquets quilt for Quilter’s World‘s April 2012 issue.

[Image courtesy of]

I also unofficially named this quilt “Bright and Morning Star” because the fresh and soft color palette of the quilt reminds me of the hope I have in my Lord.

The quilt used fabrics from Eleanor Burn‘s Perennials II collection, released by Benartex.  I love the garden-feel of these fabrics.

Now to the quilting – I set out to challenge myself to quilt something that would look totally different on the back compared to the piecing scheme on the front.  Now, see if you know what I mean…  the stars on the front don’t really show up on the back.  Instead, a variation of pickle dish/orange peel quilting scheme does.

Again, quilting was done using Aurifil‘s Mako 50 Cotton over Hobbs Tuscany Silk batt.

What spring projects do you have on your plate this year?  Do share – I am anxious to know!  Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your visits, as always.  Till next time.

Nestlings in THE QUILTER (April/May 2011)

Break out your scrap stash if you want to make my Nestlings project!

You may remember this is the version 2 of my Spring Song quilt that had appeared at the Houston Quilt Market last year.  I was tasked with tweaking the original Spring Song design for a small wallhanging that can also double as a door banner.  Thus my Nestlings, finishes at 17″ x 21″.

I had used Benartex’s Forever Spring by Nancy Halverson, but this project was designed with scraps in mind!  And… I am in love with these little nestlings!

Quilting was done with YLI Silk 100 over Hobbs Tuscany Wool Batt.  Totally free-motion quilting with unmarked motifs.  There are swirls and feathers and pearly circles all mixed in together.

Pattern instructions are in the upcoming April/May 2011 issue of The Quilter magazine.  Magazine should be hitting newsstands in early March.  Keep your eyes peeled for that issue to come out.  Lots of great projects in there, including two additional quilts of mine.  With so many beautiful spring project patterns out there, it’s going to be a busy spring for some quilters.  I am sure of it! :)

This little wallhanging is going up on the wall as a reminder what’s in store for us in the spring!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a lovely day, you all!

Cozy Patch

A wonderful Wednesday to you! This is now safely returned to me:


I have initially named this quilt “Spring Cozy”, but the editorial staff at “The Quilter” renamed the project “Cozy Patch” for their May Issue magazine. I think “Cozy Patch” is a much cozier name (that’s why I am not an editor!):


I am pleased with the sweet and soft look of the quilt – perfect to go with all things feminine:



Who could resist these scrumptious floral prints? And the baby sky blue paisleys?!



Gotta run – I will catch up with you later!

The metamorphosis of my “butterly” blocks

Here is how my “butterfly” blocks have morphed so far… I never thought they would turn out so pretty as I designed the quilt. I think the colors have worked so well together.


Come to think of it, these might be the prettiest blocks I have ever constructed. They certainly make me feel all soft and feminine inside!


Happy Monday, Everyone! I wish you a productive week!

In the company of “rich”…

You remember this, don’t you?

I have been in nearly constant company of fabrics lately because of impending deadlines, some rich fabrics. Don’t you just love that rich red among the other colors? I have to say that red fabric is probably one of my very favorites!! This will be the last sneak-preview before the quilt is officially featured in “The Quilter”‘s March 2009 Issue:

Fabrics and what we make with them enrich our lives in many ways, historically and presently. They sort of tie eras of history together as each era emphasizes a different aspect of fabric art that is slightly different than the other eras. My fabric pursuits have largely been influenced by the rich history that is associated with the early American history. Last night I had a most enjoyable phone conversation with Judy Morton, chair of the Old Tippecanoe Block Challenge. She told me about how she too have been inspired by the rich history of America in her quilting pursuits. She is an amazing hand quilter – one of her quilts is featured in the “Photo Finish” of “The Quilter“‘s Christmas Issue. She has done the applique all by hand:

Okay, I need to get back in the company of more fabrics… (you will see what I mean in tomorrow’s post). I wish you all a wonderful day, rich with blessings! Till next time!