When the cat is away, the mice play GIVEAWAY!

It is 2am, and I am packing and getting ready to leave for St Louis.


Since the cat is going to be away, I think it’s perfectly fine to let the mice play a little and have a GIVEAWAY! 

Between now and next Tuesday (May 23, 2017), comment in the comment section and tell me 3 things about yourself — and I will pick a winner (or two) to receive a giveaway of goodies, including a few things I will be bringing back from Market!

Meanwhile, I will be posting on Instagram under ivory_spring the little things of Quilt Market that I see!  Quilts are a given at Market, but I am always amazed at the decorative props brought to Market to make the event alive!


Alrightie, Friends… a lot of things have to happen before I can leave, including setting out outfits for Miss Baby for the next few days just to make things easier at home.  So, I’d better run for now.

Have a great weekend, and Happy Armed Forces Day (today!).