Dancing Daffodils made the COVER!

Friends, my Dancing Daffodils quilt made the cover of Fresh Cut Quilts from the Garden (a new special interest publication by Quilter’s World)!!! I was excited when I knew about Dancing Daffodils making the cover a couple of months ago, but I am so SUPER excited after seeing how it was photographed for the cover that I feel like dancing with my daffodils!!! (Lame pun there, I know ;) )

The print issues should already be available on newsstands. I haven’t gotten my copy yet. But it is now also available for pdf download from Clotilde.

Okay, after seeing my Dancing Daffodils quilt, I am officially ready for SPRING!

p.s. I will have more pictures of the quilt for you once I get it back from the editor. Boy, do I have stories to tell on this quilt – so stay tuned.