Stacks of teacups

blue monday

Hello Everyone.  I hope you have enjoyed your weekend, and Labor Day Weekend (for those who are in the US).  I am joining Blue Monday a little late, but better late than never… :)

It’s rare that I get to start my day with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Normally, I just hit the ground RUNNING (well, more like huffing and puffing!). I was able to do that this morning. I liked being able to go to the cabinet and pick out my teacup and saucer this morning. This is the view that greeted me:

stacked teacups

I had re-done my display a few days ago, and am liking the stacked look! I thought I would share with you a little insignificant thing that brought a smile to my face…

I do hope that your week will be stacked with many blessings!  Till tomorrow, my dear bloggy friends!

Pieceful Garden Scrap Project: Part 2: My not so “scrappy” pillow

I underestimated the time I would need to complete my scrappy projects from the Pieceful Garden kit scraps. But I did get one of the scrap projects done last night. It turned to be a not-so-scrappy looking 24″ pillow:

The pride and joy of my pillow is the fabric yoyo! I have never made a yoyo before. But I was really inspired by what Arlette has done with her yoyo’s. So, I decided to give it a try. I thought it turned out pretty good and added a little something to the overall look:

Many of my whimsical friends wanted to get in the photo shoot for the pillow. They also wanted me to drag out some of the fineries in life as props. I think some of them just wanted to play with my breakables — you think French Loppie there got a bit carried away as he practically immersed himself in the teacup??!!!:

Click here for tutorial on how to make the center block with the Pieceful Garden kit scraps.


Thank you for coming to my show-and-tell today. I hope you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend. I will be back on Monday! See you then!!


Disclaimer – you will ONLY have the scraps left from Double-Nine-Patch blocks trimming the blocks for the scrap project. Anything extras you see in my scrap projects require extra fabric(s). You may choose to purchase more fabrics, or mix-and-match with other fabrics. The reason I used coordinating fabrics is because I had extra fabrics left from making the sample quilt for “The Quilter”.

Similarity continues…

Here are a couple more examples to continue our appreciation for the similarity that simulate the Argentan lace. This is the top of a mirror in my collection:

From the wallpaper in the kitchen of my previous home:

I have quilted the “cathedral window” design on a quilt that is similar to the design on this Spode Geranium Cup and Saucer:

In my engineering career, I too had to deal with the idea of similarity in Fluid Mechanics. This is a picture of a pattern of eddies shed “around” an obstacle (called von Karman vortices/street) under a certain condition, and here is what it would look like produced in a lab:

This same pattern repeats itself in MUCH MUCH bigger and real-life scenarios. The first picture shows Von Kármán vortex street off the Chilean coast near the San Juan Islands, while the second shows Von Kármán vortex street off Rishiri Island of Japan (both pictures are taken from Wikipedia):

The concept of similarity remains fascinating to me in that life itself presents many many opportunities for us to observe and appreciate the similarity among different things.

Now, applying the deep concept (haha!) of similarity to blogland, we tend to frequent blogs that resonate a certain degree of similarity with our interests, don’t we? So, my bloggy friends, I am glad we have some sort of similarity going on among us! Now, go and have yourself a very nice day – hopefully, mine would be similar to yours! :) Till next time!