Done: Summer Smocked Bishop

Baby’s summer smocked bishop is now done! It turned out to be a fun little play dress. I think the bishop dresses look so much better when they are modeled. My model (aka Baby) was temporarily snatched by the nap monster while I was working on this post. I will try my best to show you the dress from different angles, without the model.

Unlike my past experienced with garment construction, I really enjoyed putting together this dress. I think maybe I am more comfortable with the process this time. I was more patient working on the different steps, whereas before I always felt like I was going to lose my cool any moment.

The smocking plate is a free plate from Creations by Michie:

The sleeves are lined with French val lace that is 1/4″ wide. I like dainty laces on little girls’ dresses:

Now my favorite part of the whole dress: the cute elephant buttons on the back of the dress. I thought they just added something totally different and unexpected to the dress! They are a bit hard to get in and out of the buttonholes. I hope Baby would be patient with us when we put the dress on her…

And I pulled these from our stash o’ bows to go with the dress.

This is my first solo garment construction effort. I was able to get the dress constructed without any major hiccups. Thanks to my dear friend Annelle, who is ever so patient with me when I make mistakes and when I ask the dumbest questions! This dress would not have happened without her superb tutelage.

Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your visits and comments! What are you doing this weekend? I think we are taking Baby to see her little friend. Have yourself a lovely weekend, would you?