Needle-wielding Fun

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all doing well and had enjoyed your Labor Day weekend! :) I ended up spending some wonderful time at my quilting mentor’s house sewing and watching part of “Persuasion” with her.

Since I am waiting for fabrics to get started being swamped again with quilting projects, I had some down time to work on some needlework projects. I have been smocking away on my dotted Swiss (pictures will come later)…

But for now, I will show you the progress I have made on my “bears” cross-stitch:

This is from a couple of weeks ago:

A few stitches here, a few stitches there…

(showing you the “before the latest” picture):

Pretty soon, you will see —

1) a complete spool of fancy ribbon and some new spools of threads in the forming:

2) a growing appendage:

3) and a somewhat noticeable progress compared to the “before the latest” picture:

Compare to my goal, I have a long way to go.  And to think I had thought when I started earlier this year that I would have this completed in time for this year’s county fair (which coming up in less than two weeks)!!  Bwa-hahahahahaha!!! :)  That was pretty naive of me, wasn’t it?

Thanks for stopping by for my work-in-progress show and tell today!  I hope you have a blessed day.  And remember, if you in the middle of reaching toward a big goal — baby steps will eventually get you there! :)  I am stitching right along with you…