Framed Monogrammed Needlework

I completed this monogrammed piece way back in late 2008.  The pattern is by Martine Leonard, a French needlework designer.   I kept a rouge monochromatic color scheme to keep the French feel of the design.

I finally broke down and got it framed.  That shows you just how much I don’t have everything together…

I chose a rustic frame to give the piece an old French farmhouse look.  I dream of having a farmhouse kitchen one of these days.

The frame lady convinced me to use museum glass, and I was so glad she did.  The glass seems much clearer.

So, if you have this framed piece, where would you display it in your house?  I am just curious.

It is off to work I go.  I am SO behind – that’s why you haven’t heard from me much.  Take care, everyone!  I hope to be able to catch up with you soon.