While they are bursting at the seams…

I am definitely bursting with excitement because my last count of buds is close to 40 (40!!! The newbie gardener asks, “Can that be true?”):

You see, this is my first ever bona fide rose bush. I had bought it at the nursery two weeks ago. My heart went out to this bush simly because of its name — “Jude the Obscure“. My heart was moved with pity and really wanted to bring it out of obscurity…. okay, end of my melodrama! Truth be known, I couldn’t make up my mind which bush to buy (imagine that, there were only about five different types of David Austin rose bushes at the nursery, and I couldn’t make up my mind!). Once again, my husband gallantly came to my rescue and made the decision for me. We love the color; we love the shape; we definitely love the scent.

What fascinates me is the drastic color changes these rose blossoms undergo. I am showing you two different blossoms on a particular day (again, the newbie gardener asks, “Is that normal?”):

Just one day later (taken at the same time of day as the previous day), these blossoms became:

Then, they “matured” into this subdued shade of subtle apricot, cloaked in an unmistakable air of elegance:

I hope I would be able to keep this rose bush alive and well through this growing season, and hopefully by then, I will feel much more comfortable and confident in venturing out even further in this business call rose gardening. Don’t get me wrong, I love the end results (beautiful rose blooms). I am just a little uncertain about my care-taking skills! :)

It’s been fun chatting with you my bloggy friends. I will be back on Monday. Meanwhile, have a blessed weekend!

Fragrance for free, anyone?

Okay, this isn’t exactly a gardening post that is directly related to me because I hadn’t planted these beauties. My husband pointed out to me at some bushes that were blooming way out there from our backyard (well, not quite, but it would be the furthest I had to venture out from our deck). I found to my very pleasant surprise they are rose bushes! They are big, and there are three of them, and they are profusely covered with these fragrant dainty little blooms:

This is to show you just how challenging the terrain is for my venture out there… just kidding! :) But we do have a little creek that runs along the back. See the white patches in the bottom right corner – those are the start of the rose blooms:

Of course, I took full advantage of these fragrant beauties:

My husband made my day when he pointed me to these roses. We were marveling how well these roses grow with no care, no special feeding or spraying… nothing! And yet the Heavenly Father takes care of them. I quote from Matthew 6:28b-29: “See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.” How true the words ring concerning these roses!

Have a fabulous weekend, my bloggy friends. I will be back Monday!

p.s. I would appreciate it very much if anyone could tell me what kind of roses these are! The blooms are roughly 1″ across, and they are very fragrant, almost like lilac.