I have shown you different autumn tablescapes. I thought for show-and-tell this week, I would show you some “Turkey”-scape I have been able to capture over the years. I never pre-carve our turkeys. They are always presented at the table. I figure since I labor for hours to roast a succulent and moist turkey, the least we could do is to have it presented at the table with the rest of the dishes:

My husband always does the carving with a carving set while he does his Thanksgiving “message” at the table – it’s always a fun time for me because watching him carve that turkey while listening to him talk always builds up the anticipation to enjoy the entire meal for the evening:

[No, wait…. that’s a goose, not a turkey. But you get the idea, my husband always carves the fowl at the table!] :)

Thank you for stopping by – it’s been nice having you, as always! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Autumn Tablescape

To get geared up for the fall season, I am showing you a few of my autumn tablescape pictures. Please keep in mind those pictures were taken before blogging, so you would have to excuse the quality of some (*grin*):

I have truly enjoyed reading the holiday traditions you have left on my giveaway post. I will be sharing between now and the holiday season the different traditions we have at my house – one of which is that we do not serve turkey at any other time during the year except during THANKSGIVING (or maybe Christmas). It makes it all the more special when we walk through the house on Thanksgiving Day and smell the turkey roasting deliciously in the oven!

I wish my bloggy friends in the Northern Hemisphere a very beautiful and safe autumn! Till next time! :)

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