Autumn Panels: Sneak Peeks

I spent the last few days working with these fabrics…. many are from RJR’s new 30’s Everything but the Kitchen Sink collection. Take a look at the fabrics here:

I added to the fabrics a few scraps from my own stash, and came up with this quilt:

It is the first of a few special projects I am doing for a publishing company. More details about these projects when the time gets closer.

Can you see the quilting motif I did on the blocks? The quilting motif was an applique motif I used for my Roslynn quilt from way back when… the moral of the story is, when you are scratching your heard trying to come up with a quilt motif, you might try looking through some applique motifs for some ideas. :)

Thanks for stopping by. Off to my next quilt – all I can say is it is a girly sweet one! Meanwhile, have a lovely autumny day!

Sunshine in my soul in THE QUILTER (September 2010)

Good day, my Friends! I hope you are having a sunshiny day… even if you aren’t, I hope there is sunshine within you! My “Sunshine in my soul” quilt is officially featured in the September issue of The Quilter magazine!

I love how it is photographed in the magazine – it makes me want to just sit outside and have tea with a dear friend!

Picture from The Quilter's website

These fabrics from RJR‘s Summer Solstice are simply sunshiny – they bring a smile to my face!

Here are some close-ups on the quilting. The quilt is quilted with YLI Silk 100 (Color 239), and over Hobbs‘ Tuscany Silk Batt:

Here, how about a tea refill?

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have enjoyed my blues and sunshiny quilt! :) Have a great week ahead. I look forward to visiting many of you.

Sneak Peeks: Sunshine in my soul

I stayed up late into the night sewing the binding on. I always do mine by hand. It was a good feeling to work on the finishing touches to a quilt, as always. The quilt was on a tight deadline, so, it went out first thing in the morning. I only had a few minutes to snap a few sneak peeks for you. Here you can see the quilt in the morning light:

The fabrics are from RJR‘s Summer Solstice collection:

I love the sunshiny and cheerful feeling these fabrics convey, emphasized by the gold in the design:

I named the design “Sunshine in my soul” for the moment because the song kept popping in my head as I was working on the quilt. The editorial staff might decide to change the name…

If all things go well, this quilt will be featured in the September 2010 issue of The Quilter:

Until then, these are all the sneak peeks I am able to show you! :) Have a sunshiny day, would you?

Busy quilting, and quilting busy!

I have been averaging about one quilt every 8 or 9 days!  So, I have been busy.  I have been keeping myself busy so that I don’t fall too hard behind for the other magazine quilts that are in the queue waiting to be made.  I had told you I liked this leaf fabric from RJR’s Summer Solstice collection.

So, it is making an appearance in the border as well:

I do not submit quilts that are just quilted down with large stipples.  I always put some thought into the quilting to make each of my quilts special.  I did a couple of test samples this morning on this busy fabric.  I know that feathers (as much as I love them) would not do very well for the super busy and bright print.  And I really don’t have time to do a lot of marking… so, I look for quilting ideas from the fabric itself.  I “traced” the flowers, and added the veins in between the lines that are already printed on the fabric.  I think I like the effect:

[Tip for quilters:  When you find yourself at a loss of what to quilt, the quilting motif may be staring you right in the face on the fabric itself.  Another example can be seen by clicking here.]

Thanks for stopping by.  It’s a busy week for me, and I am sure it will be many of you.  But I hope you still take time to enjoy the blessings of the Holy Week.

Coming along nicely!

Happy Monday, Everyone.  I hope you had a good weekend.  We had a relaxing and rainy one.  Growing up in the tropics taught me to LOVE LOVE LOVE rainy days.  You might think this is ridiculous, but there’s nothing more I love than to lay in bed under my covers and read for the whole day on rainy days.  I got to sleep in just a little… and work a little as well:

Working with these fabrics put in my the most cheerful of moods!  Have a wonderful week ahead!

More fabrics!

I received more fabrics for upcoming magazine quilts.  I love getting fabrics from fabric manufacturers.  It’s like getting Christmas parcels in the mail.  These are from RJR‘s Summer Solstice collection:

These will appear in another quilt for The Quilter:

Right about now while the snowflakes dance gaily outside the window, summer solstice can’t come soon enough!  Are you about ready for  summer yet?

Oh, I was mentioned on Diane Gaudynski‘s blog!  I feel like I am on cloud nine!  If you want to be inspired, take a jaunt over to her blog!

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a great day!