Hot Chili Peppers in THE QUILTER (January 2011)

For my chili-loving friends, here are some HOT CHILI PEPPERS for you!

This is a SUPER easy applique project (featured in The Quilter‘s January 2011) that would be a quick and easy to make gift if you are home-making your Christmas gifts this year… don’t you just love those vibrant colors on the chilies? The fabrics I used for the project is a combination of RJR‘s Pin Dots and Henry Glass‘ Summertime.

I used Hobbs‘ Tuscany Silk Batting, and Aurifil Mako 50 to quilt this banner.  The quilting was minimal for this project – I picked  and quilted on a few floral designs on the black background fabric.  I thought the background fabric spoke for itself, and didn’t need quilting to make it look better.

Go to if you are interested in purchasing a kit for the project.  My “ARMCHAIR QUILTER’S” SUGGESTION: Not interested in making the banner?  How about just making the individual blocks and frame them in separate frames for a visual statement?

Thanks for stopping by!  And, go and enjoy some chilies to spice up your new week!

p.s.  Click here for my other project featured in the same magazine.