Autumn Panels: Sneak Peeks

I spent the last few days working with these fabrics…. many are from RJR’s new 30’s Everything but the Kitchen Sink collection. Take a look at the fabrics here:

I added to the fabrics a few scraps from my own stash, and came up with this quilt:

It is the first of a few special projects I am doing for a publishing company. More details about these projects when the time gets closer.

Can you see the quilting motif I did on the blocks? The quilting motif was an applique motif I used for my Roslynn quilt from way back when… the moral of the story is, when you are scratching your heard trying to come up with a quilt motif, you might try looking through some applique motifs for some ideas. :)

Thanks for stopping by. Off to my next quilt – all I can say is it is a girly sweet one! Meanwhile, have a lovely autumny day!