Eyes or no eyes

I had really looked forward to a judge’s comments regarding my quilting techniques on a quilt I had entered in a show a couple of years ago.

With great anticipation when I picked up the quilt, I didn’t wait to tear open the envelope to see what was written as soon as my grubby hands got a hold of the envelope containing the comment sheet. I wanted to improve and do better next time!!!! Instead, all she wrote was “cats need eyes”. I wanted to know what she thought of my piecing, my quilting, and where I could improve overall in quilting techniques…

Over the years, I have made a few quilts with appliqued animals. And I still haven’t added eyes to them:




I am leaning toward the “no eyes” approach for my latest endeavor appearing in the May Issue of “The Quilter“. I will embroider the legs though. I will reveal how the entire quilt looks sometime in March when it officially comes out in the magazine:


What do you think? Eyes or no eyes?!

Needlework “addiction” and Soothing Sweetness

Remember these?


The end product is one of the quilts shipping out later this week to “The Quilter“. As you can see, I am under a bit of a deadline rush here, but what else is new? :)


My favorite part is putting the blue and the cream floral prints together. They just look so soothing and sweet placed side by side:


Switching gear to needlework… I couldn’t pass up needlework patterns that were marked down 75% – especially if they are from “Long Dog Samplers“. Here are my latest acquired patterns:


I don’t really worry about how I can carve out some extra time to stitch out these beautiful patterns with historical motifs ..because I keep a running list of 150 and more patterns I would like to stitch out before I die! Crazy, yes! A goal destined to fail, yes! But, I sure I hope I am not the only idiosyncratic one out there!

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you have a terrific Tuesday! Till next time!

Pleasant Surprise during “Site-seeing” and MORE fabrics

I was doing some “site-seeing”, and decided to check out Quilter’s World‘s website, and guess what I found? They have already featured their February 2009 Issue online, and my dolphin wallhanging is in it! Normally, I get my complimentary magazine copies before the magazines are featured online. But not this time. So, I had no idea the magazines are already on their way out to subscribers!!! So, that was a really nice surprise! Click on the picture to view all the projects featured in the latest issue. I will do a more detailed post on my dolphin wallhanging later when I get the magazine and my quilt back from the editor.


Meanwhile, guess what came in the mail this morning? More fabrics. That’s right – MORE FABRICS!!! These are from Red Rooster’s Tea Rose Garden Collection. I am having a really fun and cute project featured in The Quilter‘s May 2009 Issue with these fabrics. The May 2009 issue hits the newsstand in March 2009. Stay tuned!


I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!