A matter of perspective & My Design-Your Quilt

You see the head shot of me – taken by the photographer when I was filming for one of my online classes last year; and then, you see me – drawn by my portraitist-in-residence.  I think I might have to lay off the rouge a bit…


Meanwhile, I was most thrilled to receive a picture of another version of my Movement in Squares last week.  Susan H. made Movement in Squares in blues as a wedding.  SO BEAUTIFUL!  And I cannot be more thrilled Susan chose one of my designs. :)


You may still download the pattern instructions here.

Click here if you would like to see more readers’ projects.

Thank you for stopping by.  I shall catch up with you tomorrow!  Hugs to you.

VERMONT QUILT FESTIVAL: Christine’s Movement in Squares

Hello Friends, Christine made my day yesterday when she sent me this picture of her Movement in Squares quilt in Vermont Quilt Festival 2015!  Movement in Squares won Benartex’s 2014 Fan Favorite, and I am happy to hear that many have enjoyed that pattern.  I love how Christine quilted her quilt with an “interlocking” motif!  Congratulations, Christine… and thank you for sharing your quilt with us!


Information on downloading pattern instructions is found here.

Thank you, Friends, for stopping by.  I hope you week got off a stupendous start for you!  I am still reading your comments from a few days ago – you ladies are keeping me busy… but I am not complaining -no, no, no!  Gotta run for now – lots to get done this week.  LOTS!

I shall catch up with you later!  So…. what are you doing this week?

My design, your quilt: Color Burst

Hello Friends,  it’s been quite a week at Ivory Spring – besides running a bit behind on the planned stuff in our schedules, I received some unexpected assignments that demanded my immediate attention.  But it’s okay, some weeks are like that… I re-adjusted my schedule while waiting for Miss Baby get out of school, I think everything that should fall in place will still happen — except getting back to your comments will probably not happen this weekend. Please know I am NOT ignoring you!

Most of you probably know of my Iron Man quilt, more daintily known as Color Burst.   It is a DAR-inspired quilt.  Click here to read more about the quilt.


Elizabeth of Such A Sew and Sew sent me a picture of her version — absolutely GORGEOUS! Me thinks her color choices are much prettier than mine!!  She beautifully calls her quilt Jardim da Amizade (Friendship Garden).  Seeing Friendship Garden made my day!  Elizabeth has graciously given me the permission to show off her quilt on Ivory Spring. Thank you, Elizabeth! I love that Elizabeth uses the HST units from her stash to make the quilt. We ALL have those HST units stored in boxes and baggies, don’t we? I know I do. :)

Jardim da Amizade 1

I love how the sun rays kissed Elizabeth’s Friendship Garden quilt because true friendships brings warmth and light into our lives!  Click here to read more about Elizabeth’s Friendship Garden.

And to close out this week, please allow me to say thank you again for YOUR friendship!  Have a great weekend.  I shall catch up with you next week — I would probably be half dead from trying to check everything off my list, but I promise I will check in! :)  Hugs to you all.


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My design, your quilt: Movement in Squares

Hello Friends, I hope you are well!  It’s another busy week at Ivory Spring with lots of designing, class proposals etc…. but I am slowly getting there.  At least I think I am over with the yucky flu!

Christine sent her version of my Movement in Squares quilt.   Click on quilt name to download the pattern instructions.


Christine is entering her quilt in a show — thanks for sharing your quilt with us, Christine, and all the best to your quilt at the show!

Thanks for stopping by!  I will have a couple of magazine projects to share with you before the week is over.  Stay tuned, and stay warm for my northern Hemisphere friends!

Machell’s STAINED GLASS quilt

Hello Friends, I am so glad you are visiting!  I am happy to share with you Machell’s very cheerful version of my Stained Glass quilt.  Machell shared the story behind this quilt: “I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your pattern Stained Glass from the Simple Quilts & sewing magazine. When I first saw it I knew it was the perfect pattern for my daughter’s youth group leader who was moving to another city. I wanted to make her something that will bring her comfort when she was missing her friends and students. I also wanted to give her something special in appreciation for all she has done for my daughter. I’ve attached a picture of the quilt, my daughter, and her youth leader… I added a few more rows to make it bigger.”


Doesn’t it just make your heart sing when you hear about stories like Machell’s?  I think Machell’s story is all about blessings!  Machell’s family is blessed by her daughter’s youth group leader’s investing in Machell’s daughter’s life.  In turn, Machell blesses the youth group leader with a quilt made with love.  The youth group leader’s heart is blessed by the quilt, as I am sure Machell’s heart is blessed as well while she was making the quilt!  I love to hear a story where a quilt is appreciated!

Thanks for stopping by, and many thanks to Machell for sharing the quilt she made.  I do hope you have a lovely and blessed day.


Here is my original Stained Glass quilt.  Click here for more information on the quilt.


Deb’s purple/aqua NOT TOO SQUARE

Hello Friends, I always love to brag about other people’s quilts.  Deb sent me her version of Not Too Square in cheerful purple/aqua/yellow!  Take a look at the beautiful quilt yourself… I absolutely love the large floral print in the outer border!


Thank you for sharing your work with us, Deb!  And that wraps up another week at Ivory Spring.  I am off to finish quilting a large quilt.  Have a lovely weekend.


Click here for information on the original Not Too Square, as well as how to download the free pattern instructions for the quilt.

Design 2c

Click here for Pam’s “squared up” Not Too Square.

Click here if you wish to see more readers’ projects.

The cardinals elsewhere are caroling…

It’s always been exciting for me to see my work published, whether in technical journals in the past (when I worked as a chemical engineer in the world’s largest ultra-low velocity wind tunnel in the world – but that’s a story for another day!) or in quilt magazines in the present.

But what made me forsake all reservations and did a “Snoopy” dance this past week was hearing from Dawn who has started her own “Carol of the Cardinals” based on my published Christmas project in “The Quilter“‘s 2008 Christmas issue. Please click on the picture below to see her post on the project, and do leave her a note to tell her what a great job she is doing! :) I like her choice of fabrics, and how she had tilted the holly sprig:

You see, once my quilt design is published, I have no way of knowing exactly how many quilters actually attempt the project unless I am being told by the quilters themselves. So, I want to thank Dawn for taking the time to let me know.

HAPPY MONDAY, everyone!

Update – Click here to see Dawn’s completed project!  She is a fast worker! :)