April Flowers – Quiltmaker (March/April 2009)

The weather is warming up in the Northern Hemisphere, and my thoughts are naturally drawn to flowers. Since I by no means have a green thumb, I resort to using other means to express my love for flowers. “April Flowers” is now published in the March/April 2009 issue of Quiltmaker:


It is a queen size bed quilt that I had completed in a week’s time! The fabrics are from April Cornell’s Portugal collection. There are more than 20 different fabrics in this quilt. Click here and here for previous posts:



The quilting motifs on the quilt are repeats of the applique flowers in various sizes:




Can you believe I did the quilting on this huge quite on my home machine? I say that to convince you that it is possible! : ) Speaking of possibility, having my quilts published in magazine would not have been possible had it not been for my quilting mentor Barbara who had encouraged me to try out quilting a few years ago. Every quilt that you see published is a tribute to her (Thanks, Barbara!)


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A bouquet of flowers…

… to wish you a beautiful Monday!


I have been working on this quilt in the last week. I have had fun — I think the quilt turned out quite cute and whimsical. I hope to take some more pictures before I ship it out tomorrow. I was told that this is coming out in Quiltmaker in February 2009.

I CANNOT believe I am actually quilting this 94″ square monstrosity on my home machine. Thanks to Missy and Suzan for their encouragement when I expressed doubt about being able to do it! Please pardon the fabric markings – it is still a work-in-progress at this point in time:

april-cornell-queen2I MUST MUST MUST get back to work…

The marathon of block-building



*Gasp” – time has slipped by me so silently these past two days. I haven’t been playing with the building blocks pictured above, but then, I have been playing with building blocks, except they are fabric-style building blocks!


I have also been making these. I thought they turned out pretty good. Depending on how much time I have, I might add buttons to each one to kick things up a notch:


I have enjoyed this building block marathon, would have even more if I am not staring down at the deadline! But the cheerful fabrics have really helped. My favorite of all the fabrics are actually the polka dots — who would have thunk that? I am glad to know that my style is not as stuffy as I had led myself to believe, hehe!


Now, a few technical things to share with quilters:

1. For the buttonhole stitches around the applique motif, I used YLI #100 silk. The fine thread just gives a much tidier look. Of course, with such fine a thread, you would have to use a 60/8 needle.


2. I press-starched the background fabric before adding the applique motifs by fusible web. That stabilizes the background fabric well. Also, I haven’t found the “Golden Thread” quilting paper that helpful in quilting (I must be using it wrong), but I have found it to be an excellent stabilizer when I placed beneath the background fabric to stitch around the applique motif. The paper tears off much more easily compared to any tear-away stabilizer.

Trying something new…

I have been trying out a new background quilting stitch on one of the quilts I am finishing up for “The Quilter” — it is in a much larger scale than what I am normally used to. I think it’s worked out so far except I am not quite sure what to call it — slippery eels, flaming tongues…?

I got a call this morning from “Quiltmaker” that the sweetheart swag feather motif that I had designed for my quilt which appeared in Quiltmaker’s “Quilting & Embroidery” (Summer 2009) Ivory Spring will be included in the Quiltmaker’s Quilting Motif Vol. 7 coming out in November this year. Woo hoo!!!

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In the company of…

… more fabrics!  ALL of these fabrics (I counted 21 total) will be cut and mixed into a queen-sized quilt.  Lovely fabrics, don’t you think?  They are from April Cornell’s “Portugal” collection made by Moda.  The quilt will be featured in “Quiltmaker” sometime in 2009:

Meanwhile, these are what I found showing forth their splendor in the yard

Autumn mums:

Scabiosa (nicknamed by me as “scabby”):

Thank you for visiting me.  I have really appreciated all the kind comments you have left regarding my winning the “Old Tippecanoe Block Challenge” — you are the sweetest bunch!  Please let me know that you’ve been here so that I can visit you back!  Happy a great Wednesday!

Quilting news mixed in with a smidgen o’ dish-aholism!

Yesterday, I received complimentary copies of the “Quilting & Embroidery” Summer Issue presented by Quiltmaker.

You see, the quilt after which this blog is named is included in the magazine released this month!

So, I broke out my Russian Lomonosov “Guipure” Teacups and saucers and dessert plates and played tea with the quilt as a table topper. Guipure is a name applied to needlepoint and pillow laces made with gimp of fine wires whipped round with silk and cotton threads, in which the ground is made of ties or brides, rather a net. And Russia definitely has a long-standing lace-making history (since the 13th century):

I think the editorial team at Quiltmaker did a fabulous job in the layout for the article:

You would get to know a little more about me from the designer description:

A close-up shot of the center swag:

Another close-up shot with different lighting:

A few technical details – Ivory Spring was free-motion quilted with silk thread over wool batt! The tranpunto “effect” from using the wool batt is simply scrumptious! If you have never used wool batt for quilting, consider giving it a try.

Now, you didn’t think I would leave by not showing you the details of how the Guipure lace was interpreted in these Russian china pieces, did you? :)

Back to “Quilting & Embroidery”… I have thoroughly enjoyed this magazine (again, thanks to the Quiltmaker staff)! Do get a copy for yourself as a reference guide to many quilting and machine embroidery techniques. You will have loads of fun making some of the projects!