Plain & Fancy BOM: Fashionably Finished!

No, no… not by me though I wish it were so, haha.  My Plain & Fancy BOM quilt is still in its infancy stage.  I showed my finished Block #2 in my last progress report.


BUT there is just something about seeing the completion of a quilt.  And if my Plain & Fancy BOM quilt were finished, it would look very much like what Diane of PA completed, posted on Endless Mountains Quiltworks’ Facebook page!   And Diane did an absolutely fabulous job.

Plain & Fancy

A big thank you to Karen for being my eyes and notifying me of the picture of the finished quilt!  If you would like to make a new sweet friend, check out Karen’s blog here.

Thank you for stopping by!  What is on your list to do this week? I wish you all a most lovely week.  Hugs to you all.

Plain & Fancy BOM: Block 1 WIP

Hello Friends!  I hope you are well today, and I do appreciate you stopping by to visit again!  Some of you had written and asked about the progress on my Plain & Fancy BOM.  Though my heart was anxious to start, I just hadn’t been able to do anything about it until this morning… and even then, I didn’t get to finish the entire block.  That gives you an idea on how behind I really have been on things.

BOM_Applique_High Res

A big challenge I face as a stay/work at home Mom to a young child is that I never know how much I can get done because my life is different each day with a young child.  It is just a fact in my current season of life.  And I accept it.  I had planned to work on the block before Miss Baby woke up this morning.  What ended up happening was I was summoned to cuddle up with her for a few hours before she woke up for school.  I am sure many of you understand what I am talking about…. BUT… get started with my first block I did.  And here is the evidence of the block center I was able to complete:


Disclaimer — my posts on Plain & Fancy BOM will not cover any cutting or construction information.  I will only share with you snippets on how I have constructed my blocks.   I was commissioned by Quilting Treasures to design Plain & Fancy, and the rights belong to Quilting Treasures.  I am approaching my Plain & Fancy quilt as any quilter who has signed up to participate in the program at their local quilt shops.   SO, I hope you will understand why I won’t be sharing information on the pattern design and instructions.

Thought #1.  I always starch press my fabrics prior to cutting because I normally only finger press when I am constructing the block.   I only use the iron to set the seams and block until after the block is constructed.


Thought #2.  Ever since my dear friend Wanda showed me how she pinned with the points of the pins facing outward, I have always pinned my patches that way. I find that it’s easier for me piece that way.


Thought #3.  It makes me feel good when my flying geese units turn out nicely!


#4.  I decided to press my seams open to minimize the bulk.


And here I am, with the block center of Month #1 block.  I am hoping I will be able to finish up the rest of the block next week after Market.


I am curious…  for those of you who are making Plain & Fancy, do you have any tips that have proved helpful to you in constructed the first block?

** Also, click here in case if you are interested in signing up for the BOM program at your local quilt shop.

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!  I shall catch up with you later.