FREE PATTERN: Moonflower

Hello Friends,  I have emerged — sort of — from my pile of very immediate deadlines.  I was able to spend some really fun time with my little family over the weekend, and I didn’t feel guilty hitting that snooze button!  For just a little bit there, I felt weird not feeling guilty about sleeping more than 5 hours a night!


My crunch isn’t quite over, but I am tickled that it is down to a manageable level!  So I will still be working a lot this week… to start off the week, I am happy to share with you another free-to-use pattern I designed for Quilting Treasures using their newly released Moonflower fabric collection.

This is a queen-sized quilt – can you see it draped on your bed?

Moonflower_High Res

Yellow and gray mix of florals – delicious, yes/no?

Click here to view the full fabric range.

Click here to download the pattern instructions.

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a lovely Monday, and a blessed week!


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