Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #23

Linda left her comment on my last post:

“You must have added the last bit of quilting after the quilt was bound, right? Love the little every-other-curls along that edge.”

I have to disappoint Linda as my answer to that question is “no”. :) I am sure I am not the first person who thought this up, but recently I have been using the following border treatment for my quilt. Look at the schematic below closely:

1. This only works on a non-pieced border, as in border strips made of one long rectangle, or at best borders with corner squares.

2. The schematic shows my method for a 3″ finished border.

3. Instead of cutting my strips 3.5″ before piecing, I cut my strips 4.5″ for a “pretend” border of 4″.

4. After the border strips are pieced to the quilt center, I measure and mark 2.75″ from the edge of the quilt center around the border. That delineates the outer limit of the my quilting. The 1/4″ left from the 3″ finished border will be taken up by the width of the binding strip that is going to show on the front of the quilt – I use my 1/4″ foot to sew my binding strip onto my quilt.

5. All the above is done before I even baste my quilt sandwich.

6. I then quilt my quilt as normal.

7. After the quilt is quilted, I check for ripples and unevenness on the quilt. If the quilt looks rippled, uneven and wouldn’t lay flat, I would wet quilt and square up the quilt that way.

8. Usually, when I leave an extra space beyond the outer limit of my quilting (in this case that extra 1″ in my pretend border), I don’t have to wet my quilt for squaring if the entire quilt is evenly quilted. Then I proceed to trim 1/4″ beyond the quilting outer limited, taking care to square up the corners.

9. The quilted quilt top is now ready for me to attach my binding.  What I have, in this case, are feathers quilted right against the binding, but not covered by the binding!

I hope I am making sense… please let me know if I am sounding a bit delusional, by all means!