Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #25

Yesterday I showed you the quilting on my Bedazzled quilt:

I hope the following schematics will decode the mystery for you, as if there was any mystery to being with, haha!

Ste 1:  You would first start with flower #1

Step2:  Upon completing flower #1, you would do some swirlies.  Look for a good spot to use one of your swirlies to start flower #2, and #3 and so on…  You will notice that I echoed  around the last of #2’s petals to get out of a tight spot to start flower #3.

Step 3:  And you just keep going…

I find that pointy petals in general look more “elegant” than rounded petals in quilting.  I don’t have a preference… but I think the pointy petals worked better for my Bedazzled!  I hope you found this helpful to you.  Thanks for stopping by.  Have a super weekend!