Sweet Log Cabin

I have been making these log cabin blocks with some sweet fabrics!  They are from RJR’s Sweet Pea Collection.

Sweet Pea1

This is a log cabin quilt with a slight twist (stay tuned).  It is scheduled for the March 2010 issue of “The Quilter”.

Sweet Pea2

I am pleased that the piecing seems to be going much faster than I had anticipated.  But again, I am not making 459 of them… so, it’s not a knocked down dragged out process.  But I do need to get busy here.  I will have more pictures to show later!

Sweet Pea3

Happy Sewing/Quilting/Homemaking, Everyone!  Have a blessed day!!

The metamorphosis of my “butterly” blocks

Here is how my “butterfly” blocks have morphed so far… I never thought they would turn out so pretty as I designed the quilt. I think the colors have worked so well together.


Come to think of it, these might be the prettiest blocks I have ever constructed. They certainly make me feel all soft and feminine inside!


Happy Monday, Everyone! I wish you a productive week!

From these to this…

From these…

… to this – this will be the last sneak preview of this quilt before it is officially featured in “The Quilter” in January 2009:

I am still thinking about exactly how to quilt it. Meanwhile, I started the piecing on a new quilt. I hadn’t known how the blue would work, but I think this unique shade of blue has worked out well so far!

Quilts, quilts, and more quilts – just like the rain, rain and more rain we have had over here for the past two days. I am not complaining except the cooler weather mixed in with the rain makes me want to do nothing but just curl up in bed with a book. :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone. Till next time!