Thread Talk from my Sewing Machine #66


Glamming up with… a string of pearls!  I love quilting string of pearls whenever I need to glam up a look.  Here is my latest completed project…


Here are pictures of glamming up with strings of pearls from my past projects.



Coxcomb Berries11




Give it a try — you might really like the effect.  I have written about quilting circles in the past here.

So, curious mind wants to know if you are a pearl necklace person.  I am generally not the necklace type, but I am definitely the earrings type.  So I am definitely into pearl earrings!

Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you all have a Happy Monday, and a Happy Week!

Thread Talk from My Sewing Machine #16

Good day, Friends! I hope you are doing well. If you feel like challenging and pushing yourself just a little further in your home machine quilting, how about doing a “bead necklace” with a mixture of big and small circles of consistent diameters in sequence?

This is a continuation of an earlier Thread Talk on circles. If you have never quilted circles free-motion and unmarked before, you might want to try out the circles I had talked about in the earlier post before tackling the bead necklace.

Quilting the bead necklace is a great exercise to fine-tune your skill in moving the quilt sandwich for free-motion quilting using your doemstic machine. The circles in different sizes and in sequence force you to concentrate and master the skill of moving your quilt differently for the little circles. I had quilted my bead necklace totally free-handed, without any prior marking.

Give it a try, and let me know what you think! I used to tell my students that if I could do something, they definitely could do it too! Meanwhile, Happy Wednesday, and Happy Quilting!

Thread Talk from My Sewing Machine #10

I feel like I have been running in circles lately.  So I thought a Thread Talk post on quilting circles is in order.

1.  Circles to form a strand of pearls.

<Boring technical details:  Quilting strands of pearls works great for sashing strips that are no more than 1 1/2″ wide, in my experience, when normally I would just quilt in the ditch.  The pearls give the sashing strips a bit of a customized look.  To quilt the circles, simply draw a line down the middle of the strip with a washable fabric marker.  Free-motion quilt the circles using the line as a guide for the center of the circles. >

2.  Circles around applique for a funky twist on echo quilting:

<Boring technical details:   Using circles around appqliued shapes gives echoing with new and stylized twist.  For the quilt block shown above, I echo-quilted very close to the applique, maybe 1/8″ or less, and then, quilted circles on top of the echo before launching into background quilting.  The circles made my applique look more fancy, I think. :)>

3.  Circles of different sizes to just fill in the blank spot.

Quilting circles of different sizes is a great way to practice your circles.  The different sizes makes it easy to hide the occasional not-so-perfect circles, and not to mention the lovely texture the circles create.

<Boring technical details: Just start with a circle anywhere in the area you want to quilt, and add circles as you fill up the area, using smaller circles to fill in the gap between bigger circles.>

4.  Adding circles just for fun!

<Boring technical details: Adding circles on my “tentacles” add visual interest to the quilting.  So, be adventurous and add circles where you normally wouldn’t.  You might be pleasantly surprised by the effect!>


Different people quilt their circles differently.  Some do the “8” shapes.  Some would quilt a continuous string of semi-circles, and come back with another continuous string of semi-circles to complete the circles.   I found those hard for me to manipulate.  The way I do it is I would go ahead and quite a complete circle, and backtrack on part of the circle to go to the next spot where I want to start another circle.  The process is repeated and repeated until an area is just filled with circles!


Give circling around circles a try when you quilt your next quilt, and let me know what you think! :)

Have a great week ahead!