Quilting Around the Applique Block in QUILTER’S WORLD (April 2011)

My Quilting Around the Applique Block article is out in Quilter’s World April 2011 issue. It is the second of the two-article-series on quilting planning I did for Quilter’s World. You can click here to view the project I did for the first article.  This second article focuses exclusively on quilting applique blocks, giving readers ideas on what and how to quilt applique blocks beyond the usual echoing around applique pieces.

The layout scheme is the same as the project I did for the first project. I thought that maybe one of these days, I can display both banners side by side in my dream sewing room.

I normally do machine fusible applique, finished with buttonhole stitches, for magazine projects, but I did the applique on the blocks by hand using needleturn method so that I wouldn’t have the buttonhole stitches distractingthe quilting in the close-up shots.

The article covers encouraging snippets on quilting for beginning machine quilters in background quilting.

This is a twist on echoing around the applique pieces… instead of a regular pass, a string of pearls/pebbles were quilted as an echoing pass around the applique pieces:

I also showed three different quilting treatments on the actual applique pieces in the article.

The quilt sample was made with Handspray Collection fabrics by RJR Fabrics, quilted with YLI Silk 1oo (top) and Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton (bottom) threads over Tuscany Wool Batting by Hobbs Bonded Fibers.

The 4.5-page article also includes the applique pattern for those who wants to make my project sample.  It contains many of my personal preferences on domestic machine quilting to hopefully help you further along in your machine quilting endeavor.  Get your copy today if you haven’t already!  This magazine also comes in an e-version if you prefer to read your magazines the e-way.

If you have a chance to browse through the article, I would dearly love to hear your feedback.   Thanks for stopping by.  With these pansies blossoming outside our front door, I wish you a lovely weekend!

p.s.  I have been dealing with Miss Baby’s teething issues at my end.  My email/internet/work time has been severely limited.  That’s why many of you haven’t heard from me… I hope to be able to catch up soon.  Meanwhile, I am living the life of the mother of a young child.