Mosaic Stars in QUILTER’S WORLD (October 2012)

Happy Friday, Friends!  I know I say this all the time, but I really can’t believe it’s Friday!  We are looking forward to an Artisan Fair that is happening in our area.   To me, visiting the outdoor fair booths this time of year is the perfect way to usher in the autumn season!  I want to share with you today my Mosaic Stars quilt that is featured in Quilter’s World‘s October 2012 issue.

[Image source: Quilter’s World]

Mosaic Stars is a two-block quilt with an appliqued swag border.

The palette of this quilt mixes blue with the usual autumn colors to give an updated look.  The rather unexpected use of blue also makes this quilt useable throughout the fall and winter season.  In fact, I will be working on a fall dress for Miss Baby that is blue and brown – that way I get more mileage out of the dress.  I don’t want her looking like a weirdo wearing an orange dress to church, say, in January.  But a blue and brown dress would still work well for a middle of winter dress.  Back to the quilt, the fabrics used for this quilt are from Quilting Treasures’ Autumn Bouquet collection.

Quilting was done using Aurifil‘s Mako 50 Cotton thread over Hobbs‘ Tuscany Silk Batting.  If you haven’t read my articles on threads and silk batting – click here and here. I set out to quilt something that would look totally different on the back compared to what’s on the front.  If you look carefully at the following picture, you can see glimpses of the quilting scheme starting from the center of the quilt.

And here, you see it more clearly how the quilting scheme actually played out on the quilt back.  Except for those arches that were marked for me to know where the boundary was, everything else (feathering) was free-handed.  Now, you can’t quite tell from the quilting scheme how the front looks, eh?  Isn’t quilting fun — oh, how the possibilities make me swoon!

Here are a few close-ups of the front:

And here are a few close-ups of the back:

I shall stop annoying you with yet another photo showing yet more feathers.  Believe me, I took a lot more pictures of just the feathers on the back.  I hope you have enjoyed my Mosaic Stars, and I want to wish you a lovely weekend.  Till next Monday!

A Tale as Tall as a Tree in QUILTER’S WORLD (October 2012)

Hello Friends!  I hope you are doing well.  I am sharing with you today another recently featured quilt of mine that has been claimed by Miss Baby – my “A Tale as Tall as a Tree” quilt in Quilter’s World‘s October 2012.  She calls it her Safari quilt.  So far it has been used during naptime as a blanket, as well as a make-shift tent.  I feel like this is the “All Creatures Great and Small” quilt in our family.

[Image Source: Quilter’s World]

This quilt project is actually a “dressed up” panel quilt using pieced blocks to frame the focal panel from RJR Fabrics‘ Silly Suggestions for Kids collection.  This collection also has a more girly panel besides the animal panel.  The fabrics are current as of this posting.  You might find them at your local quilt shops, if not, definitely on-line.

For some reason, I am in love with these bow tie blocks, especially the tan ones.  That tan polka dot fabric doesn’t seem to be a common one.

The ease of constructing a panel quilt makes it highly highly conducive for practicing quilting.  I love making panel quilts because that means I can get to the quilting part quicker!  Quilting on this quilt was done using Aurifil‘s Mako 50 Cotton threads over Hobbs‘ Tuscany Silk batting.

And zooming in, you can see the little touches I added to the panel, giving personality to the animals and their surroundings.  See the differences between the before and after pictures.


After (trees, veins were quilted on leaves):

After (sky, swirls quilted with variegated thread to give the illusion of airflow):

After (hippo, circles were quilted on hippo’s body to give its skin a bit of texture):

After (lion, see the up-do he got on his mane?):

After (grass on the ground):

Quilting on the bow tie blocks:

Quilting on the panel border – you can see how I did it here:

Here is a parting shot of the quilt to wish you a lovely day!

Now curious mind wants to know…

1.  what you think about panel quilts, and if you make them;

2.  if you would be interested (ever) in a panel quilt quilt-along with me, with the emphasis on the quilting part.  I can’t promise anything, but I have been toying with the idea…

Alrightie, I have GOT to run.  I am not quite sure where my time has gone this week.  If all things go well, I will be doing my follow-up post on “So how would you quilt this?” tomorrow.  I am hopeful I would have a bit more time this weekend for me to visit you back.  Hugs to you all!