2013 Recap Series: Quilter’s World

Happy Monday, Friends.  I hope you are well!  On this fifth day of Christmas, I am happy to show you my Five Golden Rings ornament that I completed over Christmas.  Fabric for Six Geese A Laying is all prepped, and ready for me to stitch the first stitch.


Our recap series is quickly coming to an end.  Today, I am taking us through my 2013 featured projects in Quilter’s World.

1.  New Life (Quilter’s World, February 2013)


2.  Monkey Around (Quilter’s World, April 2013)


3.  Garden Mist (Quilter’s World, Summer 2013)


4.  Christmas Cheer (Quilter’s World, Autumn 2013)


5.  Quilty Christmas Ornaments (Autumn 2013)


6. Elephant Walk (Quilter’s World, Winter 2013), official posting on this blog pending

2199837732_18A_Elephant[image source:  Quilter’s World]

7.  Garden Maze (Quilter’s World’s Quick & Easy Quilts, Spring 2013)


8.  In & Out (Quilter’s World’s Quick & Easy Quilts, Spring 2013)


I hope you have liked seeing these quilts again.

Meanwhile, I hope you will enjoy the rest of your day.  Maybe one or two more recap posts, and I will get to posting about my residual 2013 stuff to get us started on 2014!

Till tomorrow!


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