Log Cabin Leaves in FONS and PORTER’S EASY QUILTS (Fall 2012)

Hello Friends, I noticed the weather has gotten just a tad cooler and cozier at my end!   I have just the cozy project to share with you to usher in the cool weather — my Log Cabin Leaves Quilted Pillows, recently featured in Fons and Porter‘s Easy Quilts, Fall 2012.

[Image source: Fons and Porter]

The Log Cabin blocks always convey the feeling of coziness to me.  So I decided to incorporate the Log Cabin concept in a cozy project for the autumn.

My thought in designing these pillows is that these pillows would make quick and easy gifts as well as seasonal accents for the fall.

The fabrics I used are from Thimbleberries’ Shades Apart collection, released by RJR.  This collection has lots and lots of fabrics that will delight quilters!  Nonetheless, as you know, all Log Cabin blocks are highly conducive in using up any scraps as well.

I went ahead and constructed the pillow tops as I would quilts, i.e., I pieced the pillow tops, and actually quilted them with Aurifil Mako 50 Cotton thread over Hobbs Tuscany Silk batting.  Each pillow top was quilted differently.  The quilting scheme for the red pillow is shown in the magazine.

The pillow inserts I used are from Fairfield’s Poly-fil Home Elegance collection.  I am super happy with how they feel and make my pillows look.  You can click here to read more about these pillow inserts.

I hope you have enjoyed my attempt to interpret the Log Cabin blocks from a home decor point of view. Now curious mind wants to know if you are a Log Cabin fan.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a fabulous day!

A bit o’ “Behind the Scenes”

After days of playing around, I finally hunkered down and worked on another deadline. This is for a quilted pillow project that will appear in Bernina’s November issue of “Through the Needle” (as always, only a partial shot of the final project before it’s officially published):

You can see that the quilt sandwich is still in the hoop from having the motif machine embroidered. That’s basically how I have gone about making these for the machine embroidery aspect of the projects. Click on the pictures if you are interested to read the posts written about them:

A tip for doing monogram using machine embroidery – always use the same thread for both the top and bobbin threads – the result is flawless that way!

Have a fabulous day, everyone!

The ripple effect of my first throw pillow

I had made this pillow as a class sample for a Bernina Stitch Regulator class I am teaching at Rogers Sewing Center:

There is only one not-so-good thing that came out of this pillow: I never got to keep and enjoy it at home as its adopted home for now is the Sewing Center. I am showing you a closeup – I hope you can see the echoes around the heart – they are quilted at roughly 1/8″ apart:

BUT… I have had many many good things happen to me because of this pillow.

1. I learned how to make a throw pillow. Can you believe I have NEVER made a throw pillow until this one?

2. I have made lots of sewing friends, and I love it when they bring their finished pillows to show me in subsequent classes. One of these wonderful ladies that I have really enjoyed getting to know is Wanda. Look at how Wanda is beaming with pride because her pillow turned out exactly like mine. You see, she claims she wants to do EVERYTHING I do — and honestly I don’t know if that’s such a wise idea because I think she is extremely talented herself :) Wanda made two of these pillows as Mother’s Day gifts for her mother and mother-in-law. I am telling you, she is one sweet lady! Oh, please ignore my bad hairdo because I had a bad hair day that day — focus on Wanda and her pillow:

3. I will have an article featuring a similar pillow project, scheduled to appear in the November 2008 issue of Bernina’s “Through the Needle” magazine! I thought that’s pretty cool!

4. I hope I would be able to continue helping and encouraging many more to enjoy their BSR and really put that nifty technology to create some very beautiful heirloom items!

Be sure to come back on Friday if you are interested in seeing more of my Lady Carlyle collection. I am overwhelmed by the compliments I have received on the Lady Carlyle teapot. Before I say anything more and spoil tomorrow’s Show-and-Tell fun, I’d better key off for now. Have a beautiful day, my blogging friends!