Twas the few hours before I leave…. & Market Giveaway!

… for FALL QUILT MARKET in Houston!

Hello Friends — loooooooong time no chat/visit!  I have missed you.  I want to check in with you to let you know I am doing well.  Thank you to those who emailed and asked if I was doing okay.  Quick answer is:  yes, I am!  And I do appreciate you checking up on me.  Long answer is:  I have been inundated with a huge amount of unplanned assignments the last few weeks!  It’s been crazy!  Honestly, it’s been a test of strength and faith for me in some ways.  And yet, I thank God for sustaining me through loooooong hours… there were a few nights there where I barely slept in order to meet a tight and non-negotiable deadline.

Enough about my past trials and tribulations… :)  I am heading to Houston for a few days!  I am looking forward to meeting up with friends, and seeing what’s new!  Keep your eyes out on something new I have been blessed to be involved with… AuriKIDS!  If you know your local quilt shop owner is going to Market, be sure to have him/her check out AuriKIDS at Schoolhouse:

or… on Sunday at Aurifil’s booth!

The other exciting thing about Market for me is my third book is finally out!  Stitching Pathways is based on my many years of Thread Talk posts.  So many of you have asked for a book… and the book is finally born!!!  You can preorder the book here. Click on the link to see the layout of the book.  I honestly cannot be more excited about how the book has turned out.

I had promised you I would share more about the book, and I still plan on doing that after Market!

GIVEAWAY – As with Spring Market earlier this year, I will be bringing back hot off the press or upcoming fabric bundles from Market.  I have no idea what they are – but they are more than likely FQ bundles!  And this time, I have a checked baggage (in addition to my carry-on).  You remember last time I went to Spring Market with merely a 16″ x 16″ carry on for my clothes and goodies! :) Leave a comment here to enter the giveaway for: FQ Bundle #1, FQ Bundle #2, and a copy of my book.  I will select 3 winners for each prize. :)

That’s all for now.  I still have to finish up packing and laundry (argh!)… and I leave for the airport in 5 hours!  Tootles for now, and remember some bunny loves you! :)

p.s.  Instagram is where you will find the latest about me.  It’s been easier for me to update things there because I can do that in just seconds instead of 1 1/2-2 hrs to compose a blog post.  Follow me at ivory_spring — and check in with me there!

A rather unconventional bling!

This week, Miss Baby brought a ring home from school that she had purchased at her school’s ticket store.  She earns her tickets for good behavior at school.  So, she spent part of her “earning” from the last two weeks buying me the ring to wear while I am at Houston… to remind me of her!  The ring is a little big and quite unconventional, but it is coming with me for sure… to Houston!


Guess what I will be doing while I am not out meeting with friends?!  I will be catching up with my letter Z’s!

I am not sure what this Quilt Market will bring, but I know they will be good.  I like catching up with my quilting friends, especially those with whom I exchange at least 10 emails a day.  :-)  If you had missed my Fall Quilt Market posts from last year, you may read them herehere (my personal favorite), herehere, and here.

Last year we had wet and cold torrential rain!  This year, I think I will get to wear sleeveless dresses!!  And here’s to uneventful “shoe situation” for me (you will have to read my personal favorite Market post from last year).  I will be back with post-action report.  Meanwhile, you may see neat Market pictures from my Instagram feed starting tomorrow by clicking here.  What fascinates me about Market are the props, sometimes more so than the quilts.  So, I will attempt so share with you the amazing and creative props used to decorate the different booths.

Spring Song: Final Sneak Peeks

It was most fun working on Spring Song because I had a total of 55 different fabric swatches at my finger tips to incorporate in the quilt.  In the end, I think I used all the fabrics except for maybe three or four browns that I couldn’t quite fit in the quilt.

These fabrics are Nancy Halverson’s Forever Spring (by Benartex) that are going to debut at this weekend’s Houston Quilt Market.

Some of you expressed curiosity about how I would quilt this piece.  Here are a few snap shots.  Everything you see is quilted free-motion on my domestic machine, and unmarked because I just ran out of time.

One of these days, I will have to work on a properly planned out quilt, with the quilting all marked and predictable and perfect.

But for now, I accept the reality that my life is like a Stir-Crazy popcorn maker! :)

Thanks for stopping by.  Have a lovely day! :)