Binding Thoughts


Some weeks ago, I spent about 13 hours total trying to get the binding to come out right on a quilt.  I have since reconciled with the quilt, so I shall not name the quilt here.  The situation was such that I kept getting these annoying pleats on the quilt border when I  sew my binding on the right side of the quilt –  because the borders were not heavily quilted, and had incurred a tad bit of slack when I was quilting the quilt center.


I re-blocked my quilt, and actually did wide and short zig-zagging around the quilt edges before attaching the binding.  No annoying pleats, and I thought my binding looked more crisp.


I have been zig-zagging around the quilt edges on subsequent quilts before attaching the binding.

1.  Here you see a quilt edge before being zig-zagged.


2.  Here you see the quilt edge after being zig-zagged.  My settings for the zig-zags are about 3.5L and 5W.  I made sure the zig-zags are under 1/4″ wide into the quilt edge since I would later sew on the binding at 1/4″ seam allowance.



3.  Here you see the binding being attached.


4.  What I really like is the crisp corner.  Here you see how it looks on the back.


And on the front…


5.  I honestly don’t know if doing my binding that way is proper protocol, but I feel so much happier with my quilts since that 13-hour binding disaster marathon.  The zig-zagging around the edges probably don’t make all that much of a difference in most cases, but I sure feel better about this final stretch in quilt making.  And how one feels about one’s quilts goes a long way, doesn’t it?


Thanks for stopping by!  I would love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any tips and tricks on binding you would like to share with the rest of us!

See you again tomorrow!