Shop News: Why, of course…

This is a busy day for me, but this is the day I get to attach the collars onto my daygown! EXCITING. I can’t wait to show you pictures when I get those collars on! I hope wherever you are, you would have a safe and blessed day!


People ask if I sell my work… my answer is always, “Why, of course!” From time to time, I do put some of my quilts up for sale to go to a good home.

Currently, I am offering “Count Your Blessings” – a baby girl heirloom/blessing quilt that is custom-made with over 30 fabrics all mixed in together for a girlish whimsical look. There are nine girl bears that are appliqued onto the quilt with machine embroidery. Only the 100% genuine quilting fabrics were used, with Italian and German made threads for the assembling the quilt. Everything is done by yours truly! Finished size is 36.5″. You may click here to access my shop page.  There is only ONE of this quilt for sale offered at a much lower price than a custom-order quilt in the same style, so the sale is on a first come first served basis.

I am able to do custom orders for quilts in this style should you be interested in having one made for a boy. I am also able to do the applique for letters to make the name of a child, or even all 26 alphabets. Please do not hesitate to contact me for pricing at should you be interested.

I am also planning to offer some custom made Children’s Items in the very near future, brought to you by an extremely talented lady (NOT ME!) who specializes in children’s clothing. Come back tomorrow when I do a show and tell on a Christening gown she has made that is now in my possession.