Post Houston Fall Market #4

Hello Friends, I am going to share with you sightings of the extension of yours truly (aka quilts made from my designs) at Market this year.   Seeing the quilts at Market made me forget all the all nighters I have pulled this year!

One of the highlights for me this year has been the opportunity to design with a reproduction line by Mary Koval for Windham, Postage Stamp.  I met the Mary Koval, and felt gratified knowing that Mrs. Koval approved of the designs I did using her fabric line (click here to find out more)!  This Sundials Quilt is one of four designs I did using Postage Stamp, and was displayed at Windham’s booth.


Also at another end of Windham’s booth, this Tulip Quilt using Flower Pedals (click here for more details) was also displayed.  There is also a look book here.


Additionally, two of my Christmas designs using Windham’s Storybook Christmas (click here for more details) were displayed at Windham’s Christmas room.  Congrats to Windham for winning 1st Place Single Booth with their Christmas booth.


Then, I saw a fun lap quilt I design for Island Batik, at their booth, using their Desert Rose line (click here for more details) bunched up and hung — the one in the foreground.


Hoffman Fabrics displayed a quilt I designed using their Wish You Were Here line (click here for more details).  The blocks were meant to look like postage stamps.


I also had designs at Quilting Treasures‘ booth featuring their upcoming lines Royal Princess, Woodland Wonder, Charleston.




The cover quilt of my book Creative New Quilts and Projects at Landauer’s booth.



My All That Glitters quilt that is featured in the latest issue of American Patchwork & Quilting also made an appearance at their booth.  More about the quilt is forthcoming.


And just for the sake of completion, my Thread Journey quilt was displayed at Aurifil’s booth.  More pictures are found here. This quilt will be on tour with Alex Veronelli next year as he lectures at quilt shops on Aurifil threads.  Be sure to find out if there’s a lecture near you.  Alex’s lectures are fun, entertaining, VERY educational and definitely worth your time! I had been to one.


The sight of these quilts rounded off my year nicely, not because I am great in any way (I am well aware I am NOT!), but rather I am humbled by the thought that someone else saw something in my designs, enough to share them with others.  I feel immensely blessed.  And through it all, may my God and Creator be glorified.

A simple Math equation…

Creative New Quilts & Projects is official – copies of the book hope to be on their way to you!


I was unpacking copies of my new book Creative New Quilts & Projects, and saw the very scientific Math equation on the back cover , haha!  I got quite a chuckle out of it.  I am touched that my publisher stands by the accuracy and validity of the equation!

back cover

And here is Spring Basket, one of the book projects.

Spring Basket

I will post more up-close pictures once I get all my projects return to me after Market.  Meanwhile, these are what I have on hand.




You may purchase the book from:

  1. Landauer by click here.
  2. Me directly for $21.95 + $5.75 (USPS Priority Envelope).  I am happy to sign the book for you.  Please email me directly, and tell me if you want me to send you a paypal invoice, or if you want to send your payment with a check.  And we will go from there.
  3. Amazon here.
  4. Crafter’s Choice here.
  5. Your local quilt shop!

How do you like Spring Basket?  I can see it done with fall colors, as well as Christmas!

I will post more about the book in the near future.  So far, the following are the projects I have shared about, and there are definitely MORE to come!

cuppa TRY


Thank you for stopping by!  I will catch up with you later!  And… definitely more to come about the book! Meanwhile, would you spread the word?

Book Review & Giveaway: Beginner’s Guide to QUILTMAKING

When I made my first quilt, my sewing experience was next to none.  Words like feed dog, seam allowance, bias didn’t mean a thing to me.   My dear quilting teacher Barbara started me on piecing 4″ squares to make the quilt center of my first quilt…

Why, how hard could that be?  I was just sewing a bunch of 4″ squares together, right?! WRONG.  I began realizing very early on that there was more to quilting than just sewing a bunch 4″ squares together… after I found out rows of eight “supposedly 4″ finished” squares don’t all measure at 32 1/2″ raw edge to edge.   And to complicate the matter, the points don’t match.

I went on a quest to read books and websites in search of tips, tricks, and answers.  I found that some reads were tedious.  Although I am not bothered by heavy reading, sometimes when dealing with a sewing technique, I just want something straight to the point with good illustrations!

[First forward, almost 10 years after I made my first quilt, shown above…]


“Where was Jeri when I needed her?” was my first reaction in reading through the newly released book, Jeri Simon’s Beginner’s Guide to QUILTMAKING.  The book was exactly what I was looking for 10 years ago, and I still can appreciate the book even after having quilted for a few years.


You may read about and purchase the Jeri’s book here.  You may also purchase the book in pdf format here.

I happen to know and love Jeri.  I can “feel” Jeri from reading through the pages.  Read on to find out why I love this book:

1.  It is written in a “reference” style – the reader does not have to wade through wordy descriptions to get to the point.

2.  This book is FULL of illustrations – 450 photos showing step-by-step of processes.  I really like this part about the book.  The photography is great.  I know  (and some of you know too!) because Landauer Publishing did a super job photographing my quilts in Recreating Antique Quilts.


3.  Jeri is able to break things down to the basics.  I really admire Jeri’s ability to be able to do that because I am not very good in that department.  In this book, Jeri starts from the very very basic in brilliantly explaining words like “grain” (NOT rice or quinoa!) and “block” (NOT streets!) mean when used in the context of quilting.


4.  Jeri covers pre-treatments and finishing techniques of the entire quilting process.  When I reached the parts about hanging sleeve and quilt labels, I knew this book is a winner — because I know my quilting teacher WILL approve, and my quilting teacher is never wrong!!


5.  You know how I feel about “that” first quilt.  Jeri included beautiful projects to engage the beginning quilters – with complete instructions and illustrations.  Jeri’s cover quilt totally stole my heart!  You will have to get this book to see what other projects are included.  And who says seasoned quilters can’t have fun with “beginning” quilt projects?!

6.  The CHARTS – Those charts made my (engineering) heart go a-fluttering.  Jeri included more than 20 charts in her book with FORMULAS!  The charts and formulas are helpful and essential in helping quilters get more out of quilting.  So I am really excited that Jeri include them in her book for beginners to use beyond that baby stage of quilting.



I highly recommend the book, truly!  I can see this book being well used for a beginning quilter, and a valuable reference for a seasoned quilter.  If you are looking for a book to buy for a potential quilter – this is it!


I have a copy of the book to give away to a US/Canada address.  Thank you, Landauer Publishing!  Between now and July 17, leave a comment to tell me any of the following to enter the giveaway:

1.  The reason(s) you quilt;

2.  If you are currently teaching someone to quilt; or

3.  A little about your quilting story!

And with that, I am going to fly and get my little one some help with her Math.  She can’t figure out what 14 minus 8 is, and that 14 minus 8 is “driving her crazy”!

Oh, one more thing… have you checked out Landauer’s blog or Facebook page lately? Click here and here to be apprised of the latest news!

Have a great weekend, Friends!

Recreating Antique Quilts in Spring Market 2014

00 RAQCover

Hello Friends, this is a picture of how the projects in Recreating Antique Quilts were displayed at Spring Market in Pittsburgh earlier this year.


You have read about Calico Trail and Ivory Baltimore here, and even though I have yet to share in detailed the quilt, Oh, Happy Stars!, on the top left, you know it’s the cover quilt. The top right quilt, Floral Fancy, is my contemporary interpretation of a green/red album applique block.  I will share more Oh, Happy Stars! and Floral Fancy later.  


I need to get going, Dear Friends, and get to Houston, and see how Landauer is going to do their booth this time around.  I hope to have some Market pictures to show you post-Market!  Take care, Dear Friends!!!


My official appearances at Market this year are as follow.  If you are going to Fall Market, would you drop by and say hi?  If you aren’t going, would you have your LQS rep stop by for you instead?  I would love to meet all of you!

Oct 24, 11:50am, Room 382A – Schoolhouse session on further thoughts on Recreating Antique Quilts

Oct 25, 2pm, Booth 2305 – Meet & greet and book signing session hosted by Landauer

Book coming soon: Recreating Antique Quilts

Hello Friends – keep an eye out for Recreating Antique Quilts, an upcoming book to be published by Landauer.  You see, the book is written by little ol’ me!  Because of that, I am sort of doubly excited. Well, I am doubly excited!!!  I now have the green light from my editor (nicest lady!) about sharing the news.

00 RAQCover

You remember this star block I had shown you a few months ago?  Why, that block made cover!!


I will share more about my book when it is officially out (you can bet on it, ha!). Meanwhile, feel free to check out Landauer’s page on the book on their website.  More information will be added there too, I think, when the time gets closer.  Click here to view the page.


Meanwhile, would you spread the word about Recreating Antique Quilts? Thanks so much.  I owe you one!

That’s all for now – I need to get back to pattern writing.  Hugs to you all.