Mary Wigham: Part 15

We are taking a little detour from quilting today. Please allow me to show you one of the other things (besides quilting) I am working on. It’s been ages since I posted about my Mary Wigham progress. For those who are new to this blog, Mary Wigham was charted by Needleprint as one of the reproduction Ackworth School Girl Samplers. This picture is from the last time I posted about Mary:

Truth be known, I all but abandoned my stitching in the last few months until few weeks ago. I have been sneaking in stitches here and there during playtime with Miss Baby. Each motif that you see added since my last progress picture generally took about a week to complete. There were days I could only stitch a sum total of five stitches, when Miss Baby was needier than usual. My thinking is as long as I keep adding stitches to the sampler, it will eventually get done… so here is the latest:

So far, stitching the beige tone-on-tone motif has been the hardest because it was hard at times to differentiate the floss from the linen during stitching. I could only stitch this one during the daytime because it was just too hard to see at night.

I am generally not a baby blue person, but that baby blue motif touched my heart.

Each of these motifs aren’t very big – you can see one of them side by side with a penny. I am stitching on 32-count lambswool linen.

I enjoy all forms of needlework. I have been tempted to take up tatting recently, but seriously, I don’t need yet another hobby! So, I shall stick with what I currently pursue for now. :)

Curious mind wants to know if there are quilters out there that also enjoy other forms of needlework. I want to hear from you – tell me the projects you are working on so that I can further tempt myself. :)