A loooong overdue WRAP-UP: Island Batik/Creative Quilts Blog Hop

Hello Friends, I hope you are doing well, and have had a great weekend!  My little family struggled to get our inner clocks adjusted back to the US local time this past week, with only a bit of success.  For most of last week, Miss Baby would go to bed at 4pm after school, and wake up at midnight/1am wanting to be fed — because it is lunch time at the other side of the globe!  How about doing her music practices at 4am because she couldn’t go back to bed? Hahah – totally lopsided, to say the least! :)  And I find myself sending emails to editors at 3am in the mornings because that’s when my mind functions the most coherently.

All that to say… we are still on the path of normalcy at Ivory Spring.  So I will be spending a few posts catching up on things I should have shared back in April.  First up is…. the Island Batik/Creative Quilts blog hop that happened back in March!


A huge shout out of THANKS to Island Batik for coordinating the hop with their amazing Ambassadors.  I am most appreciative to these ladies for participating in the hop, and have totally admired the “Creative New Quilts” quilts they made with the Island Batik batiks!  I am showing you in one post all the batik quilts made, in comparison to the original quilts in my book Creative New Quilts & Projects.  You may click on the quilt name to go to the specific hop post for the particular project.  The moral of the story is obvious in this case – it’s the “Precuts” fabrics that make the quilts since my book targets fun quilts you can make with the precuts you have stashed away. :)

#1.  Counting my blessings 


Batik version done by Lemon Tree Snippets.

2016-03-19 14.59.21

#2.  Stars Over Columbia

Stars over Columbia

Batik version made by Mary Mack Made Mine.  

#3.  Winter Blues

Winter Blues

Batik versions made by  Freemotion by the River and  KISSed Quilts.

Island Batik quilt on a swing, pattern by Wendy Sheppard

#4.  Childhood Memories (Girl)

riley blake bown final

Batik version made by BeaQuilter.


#5.  Birds of a Feather Runner

bird runner

Batik version made by One Quilting Circle.

20160319_091232 - Copy

#6.  Birds of a Feather Placemats

birds of a feather placemat

Batik version made by Bejeweled Quilts.

#7.  Care for a Cuppa?

cuppa TRY

Batik version made by MooseStash Quilting.

#8.  Flight of Colors Pillow

Flight of Colors Pillows

Batik version made by Pamela Quilts.

#9. Crossings


Batik version made by The Fit Quilter.

Crossings Quilt

I hope you have enjoyed the eye candies presented by these talented quilters.  I am experiencing the aftermath of a personal loss, and more so than ever before, I have experienced the sweet sense of community within the quilting world.  Quilters always reach out, always encourage, and always step up to lend a hand…. THANK you to all my quilting friends — you know who you are!

Till tomorrow.