Fons & Porter Love of Quilting TV Shows Series 1800

Some of you might recall my sharing about Joseph’s Pinwheels being featured not only in Fons and Porter‘s Love of Quilting magazine, but also on their TV show.

Image source: Fons and Porter

I received my complimentary copy of the Fons & Porter Love of Quilting 1800 Series DVD last week, and didn’t have time to watch it till about an hour ago.  While my little one was taking a nap, I spent about 30 minutes watching the “Joseph’s Pinwheels” episode.  It is rather surreal listening to Marianne Fons and daughter talk about my quilt.

Anyway, the DVD for all the Love of Quilting episodes aired this year is out.  You can order the 2-disc DVD set here if you wish to.

Since Joseph’s Pinwheels is a quilt of many colors, I thought I would also share with you a Color Studies packet offered by my friend Sandy.  Sandy is one of the first Americans who befriended me when I was fresh off the boat coming to America waaaay back in 1994.  I am generally not good at keeping in touch, but Sandy and I have managed to not go too long without re-establishing contact.  Sandy paints beautifully, and the last I check, she was working on her first quilt!!  Anyway, that’s my pubic announcement for the day.  Click here to view details.

I am still dealing with Thanksgiving aftermath at my end.  Today I am putting up my Fall dishes, and replace the cabinets with my Christmas dishes.  How are things looking at your end?

Later alligator!

Ladybug in Polka Dotville: Housekeeping

Good day, Friends! Are you ready for some polka-dotting fun? Let’s start off with Ladybug Fun Fact #2, shall we? Here we go… A gallon jug could hold anywhere between 72,000 and 80,000 ladybugs. I don’t know about you. I would find that just a little too eeeeky!

Due to the length, I am dividing this post into sections:

1. Frequently Asked Questions

2. How this Quilt-Along is going to work

3. Finished Size

4. Supplies List for Multi-color colorway

5. Supplies List for Pink/Purple colorway

6. Where to get the fabrics?

7. Miscellaneous


1. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use my own fabric choices?

A: Absolutely! Use your imagination! You are encouraged to use the fabrics from RJR‘s Crazy for Dots and Stripes if you are to replicate exactly the look of the original quilt.

(updated 10/7/2010) NEWS FLASH, my friends! Fat Quarter Shop is now carrying kits for the Ladybugs in Polka Dotville in the multi-color colorway!

Q: Can I work on the quilt at my own pace?

A: Absolutely. You may join in anytime and work at your own pace. The instructions are given out each week in deference to the over-achievers! ;)

2. How this Quilt-Along works

As alluded in the previous section, instructions to piece the quilt will be posted every Friday starting from 9/3/2010 in manageable sections (hopefully). Please note that instructions will be given based on the Multi-color colorway – you will have to adjust the instructions given to the pink/purpler colorway.

Share your progress with RJR and post images on RJR’s Facebook page as you quilt along.

Send progress pictures to me at so that I can post about your creations-in-progress from time to time. Share your triumphs, trials and tribulations, or just plain thoughts with others while working on this Quilt-Along by commenting on any of the Quilt-Along posts.

Blog about this project if you have a blog.

3. Finished size – 44″ x 48″

4. Supplies list for MULTI-COLOR Colorway (SKU#’s of fabrics are included)

1/4 yard – Black large dots on red (8175-3), Black solid (9617-34), Navy/white dots (8174-51), Yellow/white dots (8174-101), Orange/white dots (8174-111), Red/white dots (8174-41)

5/8 yard – Green/white dots (8174-81)

1 yard – Black/white dots (8174-61), includes binding strips cut widthwise

1 yard (for pieced border) or 1-3/8 yards (for continuous border) – Multicolor large dots (8172-3)

48″ x 52″ backing fabric

48″ x 52″ batting

Paper-backed Fusible for applique

Basic sewing supplies

5. Supplies list for PINK/PURPLE Colorway (SKU#’s of fabrics are included)

1/4 yard – Black large dots on pink (8175-4), Black solid (9617-37), Pink/white dots (8174-21), Yellow/white dots (8174-101), Orange/white dots (8174-111)

1/2 yard – White on green dots (8174-81), Green on white dots (8174-8)

5/8 yard – Purple/white dots (8174-71)

1 yard – Brown/white dots (8172-121)

1/2 yard (pieced border) or 1-3/8 yard (continuous border) – Green/purple large dots (8172-8)

48″ x 52″ backing fabric

48″ x 52″ batting

Paper-backed Fusible for applique

Basic sewing supplies

6. Where to get fabrics

Your best bet is Fat Quarter Shop. is also a great place to search for the fabrics.

7. Miscellaneous

This pattern is made available for your personal use only. You are free to link back to this site when referencing any information. Please do not reproduce in any way without written permission from me.

I will see you on 9/3/2010! Thanks for stopping by.

Joseph’s Pinwheels: Final Sneak Peeks

Good day, Friends!  I finally emerged (well, for a little bit), with my Joseph’s Pinwheels in tow!  I managed to squeeze in a lunch with some dear girls,  taxi-ing Baby Miss Baby (since she has just about lost her baby look) to her playdate, and spruced up a photo album with my fabric flower to give as a birthday gift.

I kept the quilting on this quilt rather simple because I did not want to take away the “neat and tidy” look of the quilt.  You may not see it from the pictures, but I quilted along ALL the straight lines in that quilt – a bit of a tedious business.

Tip for quilting along ditches: you might consider doing all your can to keep your seams straight.  It will make your quilting go a lot of faster and easier.

These are all the sneak peeks I can show you before the quilt is officially featured next year in one of Fons & Porter‘s magazines.  In case you are wondering, the fabrics are from RJR‘s Supreme Cotton Solids and Crazy for Dots and Stripes collections.

I guess I shall submerge in my next quilt project for a little while… will have some sneak peeks for you next week, I hope!  If not, you will have to come over and motivate me. :)