Virtual Trunkshow #20: Pinwheels

Hello Friends,  I hope you are well.  We are experiencing near 70-degrees, and we cannot be happier…. except we are supposed to plunge back into the cold again!

I was looking for a few pictures in my archive today, and came across this gem of a picture from summer 2013 when Miss Baby was 4! Many of you have seen this one, but probably my new followers haven’t… She was supposed to be painting, but NOT her hands, hahaha.  I should have gone and checked on her when I thought she was being suspiciously quiet… but at the time, I thought I would just get one more thing done before I did that.


I am getting ready to start piecing another quilt top, which involves pinwheels!!!  So, I was curious just how many pinwheel quilts I have made/designed over the years.  Be sure to scroll down to very end of post for a little historical snippet on the pinwheel block, as well as my tip for “almost always” perfect pinwheels. :)

These are some of my early pinwheel quilts:

Joseph Pinwheels (Fons and Porter, 2011)

Summertime (Fons and Porter, 2011)

Starry Pursuit (Fons and Porter, 2011)

Holiday Spinners (The Quilter, Holiday 2010)

Spring Song (Spring Market 2010)

Pieceful Garden (The Quilter, 2008; UK’s Popular Patchwork, 2010)

China Blue (QUILT, 2012)

Forest Floor (2013)

Design 2db high res_with binding_600dpi

Rooster Royale (2013)

Design 5a_high res

Princess Aiko (2013)


To Eternity and Beyond (2013)

Design 3d_50 x 62_high res

And the following are the more recent ones:

Flutter B’s (2015)


Garden View (The Quilter, 2014)


Pinwheel Parade (Fons and Porter, 2016)


Winter Wind (McCall’s Quilting, 2016)


Wind Chimes (2016):


Bleecker Street (2016):



HOPE (2017):


And these are my upcoming pinwheel quilts:



And now a little fun historical fact:

According to this link, the pinwheel quilt pattern was developed around 1795.

I shared about my tip on perfect pinwheels (at least where the points mostly meet) here.



And that’s it for today!  I want to know if any of you out there love/use pinwheels as much as I do?! :)  Thanks for stopping by.  I will catch up with you before the weekend.

Pinwheel Quilts in Fons and Porter Scrap Quilts (Summer 2016) and McCall’s Quilting (November/December 2016)

Hello Friends, Happy Monday, Happy Week and Happy October!!!


A few months ago, I shared with you some tips on making pinwheel blocks here.


Well, that’s because I was making pinwheel blocks upon pinwheel blocks for a while there for the two following pinwheel projects. :)  It truly is amazing to me how a simple unit, when used differently, can create totally different looks.  I think that’s what appeals to me in designing quilts.  I love to see what I can do with simple quilt blocks.

#1.  Pinwheel Parade in Fons and Porter’s Scrap Quilts (Summer 2016)


Pinwheel Parade is made with Windham Fabrics’ Chambray Rose.


I enjoyed quilting this quilt — and here are a few pictures.


Here is the back:


And the front of the quilt center looks like this:


You may recall I had another editorial feature in McCall’s Quilting last year using the same Chambray Rose fabrics.


#2.  Up next is Winter Wind in McCall’s Quilting (November/December 2016)


A special thank you to my dear friend Darlene Szabo of Sewing Graceful Quilting for quilting the quilt for me.


Winter Wind is made with fabrics from Quilting Treasures‘ Canterbury line – elegant & masculine & timeless! Exclusive kits are available for a limited time here.


I have 2 copies of the magazine issues to give away.  If you would like to have it, just leave a comment! :)

That’s all for now, Friends!  Lots more to come…. but lots more to do as well, so I’d better fly for now!  Hugs to you all.


My 2016 Line-up

Note:  You may click here for the exhaustive list of my published work.

Editorial Features:

American Patchwork & Quilting 2016 Calendar: In Your Corner

Australian Quilters Companion (Issue 79): Little House on the Hill

Australian Quilters Companion (Issue 80): My Heart At Home

Fons and Porter Love of Quilting (March/April 2016): Constellation of Stars

Fons and Porter Love of Quilting (September/October 2016): Highland Stars

Fons and Porter Easy Quilts (Summer 2016): Estelle

Fons and Porter Easy Quilts (Fall 2016): Rainbow

Fons and Porter Scrap Quilts (Summer 2016): Pinwheel Parade

McCall’s Quick Quilts (December 2015/January 2016): Rows of Roses

McCall’s Quick Quilts (February/March 2016): Early Birds

McCall’s Quilting (January/February 2016): Sherbet Stars

McCall’s Quilting (November/December 2016): Winter Wind

Quiltmaker (May/June 2016): Lavender Love

Quiltmaker (July/August 2016): Dawnstar

Quilters Newsletter (April/May 2016): Tartan Links

Quilts and More (Summer 2016): Tutu Cute


Free-to-use Designs:

January: Heads Up Crib Quilt & Playmat (Quilting Treasures)

January: Big Love using Go Big or Go Home (Windham Fabrics)

January: Star Dust using Brittany (Benartex)

January: Wish You Were Here (Hoffman Fabrics)

January: Farfalle using Whisper (Windham Fabrics)

January: Tulips Quilt using Flower Pedals (Windham Fabrics)

Country Breeze in Fons and Porter’s EASY QUILTS (Summer 2012)

Good day, Friends!  I hope all is well with you.  I want to thank you for all your kind comments on “Rod and Reel“.  Several of you wrote to tell me you will be making the quilt to honor family members who are/were avid fishermen!  I am immensely touched that you wrote and shared your about your family with me.  Please know that I will be praying for those in need from the emails you have sent.

Have you seen the latest Fons and Porter‘s EASY QUILTS issue on your local newsstands, or in your mailbox?  What did you think of the projects, including my “Country Breeze”?

[Photo courtesy Fons and Porter]

This quilt is a scrappy, and sort of pinwheel-y with a twist quilt.  It was super fun to make (and quick too!)

I used fabrics from Henry Glass‘ Brambleberries Collection (by Buggy Barn).

A scrappy quilt such as Country Breeze would only need quilting to add a bit of texture to the overall look.  So, I employed my favorite quilting motif: feathers!  Not really fancy feathers, just feathers bigger than my normal scale.  My feather plumes had to span a 6″ distance.  Lessons learned: Free-handing feathers that large on a domestic machine was not very fun.  Moral of the lesson:  Get a longarm!

Quilting was done with Aurifil‘s Mako 50 Cotton thread over Hobbs Tuscany Silk Batting – my absolute go-to combination.

Despite the “trials and tribulations” from having to stick with my decision to quilt feathers in larger scale, I have to say I am happy with the result.  You can see the back of the quilt in the following pictures:

Here is a picture showing the little extra something I added to the feather plume in the border.  But really, I mainly want to show  you that beautiful dark navy/black star fabric – isn’t that a gorgeous fabric?

The fabrics in this quilt are of a warmer palette, but I can also see it as an all-seasonal quilt.  What do you think?  Which room would you display this quilt, and how?

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate hearing from you.  I’ve got to fly for now to squeeze in a bit work before I have to stop to clean.  We are having wee company tomorrow.  Tootles!

Virtual Trunk Show: Pinwheels!

The pinwheel blocks are like the staples in a quilter’s bag of tricks.  When I need to add a little something to my quilt designs, pinwheels are always one of the options!  According to this link, the pinwheel quilt pattern was developed around 1795.

You will see in the following the different pinwheel quilts I have made in the last couple of years.

1.  Joseph’s Pinwheels (Fons and Porter’s Love of Quilting, June 2011.  Also Love of Quilting TV episode 1806)

[Photo from]

2.  Summertime (Fons and Porter’s Easy Quilts, Summer 2011)

3.  Starry Pursuit (Fons and Porter’s Easy Quilts, Winter 2011, Cover Quilt)

4.  Holiday Spinners (The Quilter, Holiday 2010)

5.  Spring Song (Sample for Benartex’s Forever Spring fabric line, Quilt Market 2010)

Which one is your favorite Pinwheel Quilt?

Now, please tell me how many  quilts you have made?