Stitching Butlers

A few months ago, I came across the Petit Point china pattern made by Royal Albert. The dishaholism kicked in, and I purchased a creamer and an open sugar bowl. The reason the Petit Point pattern appealed to me is because I do quite a bit of cross-stitching and handwork. The pattern is like a cross-stitch chart done in a much daintier fashion on bone china. I mean, how could a dishaholic stitcher like me resist those pieces?

I had bought those pieces with the intention of turning them into a pincushion/scissors stations and waste thread bowl combo. I spent a little time working on stuffing the creamer to make it into a pincushion, and both the creamer and the open sugar bowl now sit nicely by my stitching chair serving as my stitching butlers!

You recall many moons ago, I had made a teacup/saucer pincushion. I liked it well enough, except that I didn’t like the waste threads laying on the saucer in plain sight.

Thus, I came up with the idea of using the open sugar bowl to hold my waste threads.

If you are a stitcher, now you know what you can do with your extra creamer/sugar sets. If you aren’t a stitcher, you can easily turn your extra creamer/sugar sets into thoughtful gifts for your stitching friends – just follow the instructions I had for the teacup/saucer pincushion!

I really do like the look of the pieces that come in this pattern. The more I look at them, the more I like them. I am washed over by another strong wave of dishaholism – I am hearing pieces of this pattern calling my name – HELP!

A “bear” necessity of sewing

I love my teddy bear magnetic pincushions. They had come all the way from Great Britain to sit proudly on one of the occasional tables in my living room, by the chair I love to sit in for needlework. One of them is a gift I received from my brother-in-law for Christmas years ago. I consider these bears major contributors in my needlework as they keep my scissors and all sorts of needles safe and tidy so that my occasional table doesn’t look like a work table.

Close-up shot:

Here you can see the bears doing their job with perfection:

After being impressed by these bears’ job performance, a travel-sized magnetic pincushion is now a bare necessity when I travel. Thus, I present to you my little one-and-a-half-inch hedgehog that minds the needles just as impressively!

What nifty sewing gadgets do you absolutely have to have while sewing or doing needlework?

p.s. In case you are wondering where one finds such a thoughtful brother-in-law who would buy a fancy pincushion for a gift, it’s easy — you just have to lay on the hinting a little thick! :) I do have a very nice brother-in-law!