My 2 cents: Accurate piecing

Would you like a whole quilt top with your seams between blocks looking like this?IMG_4217

I came up with a nifty trick while working on my Teething Rings quilt.  I found the secret to having the seams match up in this type of block configuration: marking at the seam intersection prior to sewing!  I hope the following sequence makes sense to you.

I mark with a Frixion pen because the markings disappear when I press the seams with a hot iron after piecing.  I wrote about my initial encounter with Frixion pens here.  So I marked 1/4″ at the seam allowance where the seams actually meet — on the right sides of the blocks, not wrong.



When placing two blocks together prior to piecing the blocks, I folded down the seam allowance on one block to check if the seams met nicely for both blocks at the intersection point, as shown.  The lines marked previously should match up with each other.


Here is another view.


Pin the pieces in place after you are happy with how the seam intersection looks.  Sew carefully with an accurate 1/4″ seams allowance (as accurate as you can possible get it), and voila, you have seams that meet up very very very nicely!


I want to thank you for indulging me while I share my recent “revelation moment.”  I should dearly like to know all your tips for accurate piecing.  As I don’t fancy piecing, I can use all the tips and tricks I can learn.

Thanks for stopping by.  Do keep warm and safe for those of you who are experiencing the wintry inclement weather.  HUGS to you all!

My two cents: Template Piecing

Some of you had asked for tips in piecing the stars I showed you yesterday.  Honestly, I am a bit embarrassed to share my tips because I am really not a piecing expert…

First, I stiffen my fabrics with which I would cut following the templates.   To achieve the stiffening, I press and spray starch my fabrics.  That seems to prevent the fabrics from shifting when I am cutting.  Be sure you cut your pieces accurately.

Then, with a ruler and fine tip pen, I mark the 1/4″ seam allowance at key spots on the fabric pieces.

When it comes to pinning, those markings help me pin the top and bottom pieces accurately by making sure my pin goes through the intersection point that I have drawn on both the top and bottom pieces, as shown in the following pictures.  Please note that the pin should go through the layers perpendicular to the fabrics.

There you have it, my friends… nothing too fancy.  Now, I want you piecing experts out there to share your thoughts on accurate piecing.  I definitely need help in the piecing department.

Time for me to make dinner – I shall say good bye for now!  Enjoy the rest of your day.