The arduous task of quilt-naming

I love all the wonderful suggestions for the name of my quilt using RJR’s Park Lane fabrics:

park lane1

I appreciate you taking the time to comment. You have suggested—

park lane6

Pink Goose Trellis

Feed the Birds

Geese in the Park

park lane7

Little Pink Princess

Jude the Obscure

Spring Migration

Paisley Posies

park lane8

Fragrant Garden

Secret Garden

Summer’s Song

The Climbing Rose

park lane10

Birds in Paradise

Scentimental Journey

Petals and Paisely

Summer Fairytale

Gardener’s Delight

Solomon’s Garden

The Shulamite’s Garden

park lane9

Love is a Garden

Just a Walk in the Park

Birds in the Spring Air

Fugue in Pink

Sweet Country Cottage

Olde English Cottage

Flowers of my dreams

park lane12

Spring Picnic

Spring Flies By

English Knot Garden

Girly Charms

Romance is in the Air

The panel of judge(s) was comprised of my sister-in-law. She put her analytical mind to high gear and weighed the pros and cons of each name with utmost concentration. She locked herself in her room while she was doing this so that she was not disrupted by the least bit of distraction. She knew I utterly 100% depended on her on naming this quilt. And her top pick is “Scentimental Journey” submitted by Kalianne — my SIL’s reasoning as quoted… “I like the play on words with ‘scent’-imental. Also, “Journey” connects the name of the quilt to the name of the fabric (Park Lane) used in the quilt. I thought that was clever.”

park lane11

Thank you all for playing. I appreciate all your help. I am terrible with names, so, this won’t be the last time I solicit your help in naming my quilts.

(Kalianne, please send me your mailing address so that I can send a goodies bag to you!)

Meanwhile, I hope you have enjoyed the preliminary pictures of “Scentimental Journey”!

Please HELP me name this quilt!

Good day, Everyone!  I hope you have had a good week so far, and will have a great rest of the week.

You have been so encouraging in being part of my quilting journey.  I want to reciprocate your kindness by inviting you to be involved in my current quilt project.  I would love for you to help me name this quilt.  I am taking suggestions between now and June 9,2009.  I will get a distinguished member of my family to pick the final choice to send to the magazine editor.  You will receive a little something from me if your suggestion ends up being the name picked for the quilt.

park lane1

park lane1

This quilt will be featured in the November issue of “The Quilter” (coming out in September).   The fabrics used are from “Park Lane” by RJR Fabrics, due to be released soon.

park lane2

This is a sketch of how some of the blocks will be quilted:

park lane3

Thank you in advance for joining in the fun.  Happy Wednesday to you!

Getting ready to start…

… on another quilt using the PARK LANE fabrics by RJR. The quilt will be featured in “The Quilter” later this year:

park lane1

Meanwhile, I finished Book 4 of “The Chronicles of Pemberley”, and started on Book 5. I was told Book 5 is the last one. I am a little sad because I will surely miss following the lives of the Pride and Prejudice-inspired characters as I have in the past few weeks.  I have truly enjoyed the wholesome and uplifting Pemberley Chronicles books!


I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.  Mine was slow and relaxing.  I need to catch up on some work this coming week.  I will be quilting the Christmas quilt — will show you pictures later!  Have a great week, y’all!