Celtic Cutwork – Creative Machine Embroidery (March/April 2009)

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Remember this from months ago? I was doing a machine embroidery cutwork project, and now, it is officially published in the latest issue (March/April 2009) of Creative Machine Embroidery:


The cutwork was done on Irish Linen. It turned out to be a table runner project made for St. Patrick’s Day with a touch of spring! I wanted to make a project that would not longer be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, and would also last through the Spring Season:







TIP: Cutwork by machine embroidery is an intense stitching process, changing out needles often will ensure good stitch quality.

Updated 3/17/2014:

Hearts: OESD, Cutwork & Crewel by Iris Lee (#771), design #26 (small heart wreath in green), design #41 (large heart cutwork) and design #43 (small heart motif on the sides).

Leaves: Bernina, Linen Closet Design Collection (Studio Bernina Exclusive Vol. 2), design #BE10223

A color for everyone!

If your favorite color is green, I have quite a few shades!

If your favorite color is lavender, I’ve got that too!

If your favorite color is pink, wait, let me check — yup, got that!

If your favorite color is apricot/peach, no problem!

If your favorite color is yellow, I’ve got you covered.

If your favorite color is red, urm, maybe some other time.

I said all that to show you another cutwork sample I did today. The frayed edge problem is now solved (or at least greatly minimized), but the colors turned out to be sort of a hodgepodge-y combination because I was trying to achieve a certain color scheme that I can’t reveal presently. But at least the technical issues aren’t there anymore:

Can you believe the design above has more than 24,000 stitches?! That poor needle has put in a lot of work today:

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