Gift-bearing with…

... style! Here is the gift baby brought to her pal’s birthday party.

Seriously, at this point in her life, baby has no say she thought the gift was hip enough to bring to her pal’s birthday party. But Mom (aka yours truly) thought it a rather sweet gift:

All of my pillow gifts (you can view here, and here) are made from scraps from my scrap heap! And I have quite a heap. It’s always fun to see what scraps I can dig up for my gift pillow projects!

By the way, baby wore her smocked Gingerbear outfit to the party after I finally found a pair of tights that would go with the outfit. Who would have thunk it would be so hard to find good quality tights?! Back to the birthday party, a grand time was had by all. The babies present were the entertainment! The womenfolk enjoyed just sitting and watching the babies and their antics.

Have a grand week, everyone! Thanks for popping by. I shall catch up with you later!