Mary Wigham: Part 14

Good day, my Friends…. is it Friday already?!

This is my last Mary progress:

This is my Mary after three more motifs added after I confirmed that I didn’t go blind stitching that white:

I am still enjoying stitching my Mary, albeit I had to stop often, and I had to take out stitches occasionally. I have liked seeing how the colors coming together. I wonder what Mary Wigham’s reaction is when she sees her sampler unfold before her. I would like to think it’s a sense of pride, satisfaction, and a contented sigh — all of with which I can empathize.

I wish you a lovely weekend. Thank you for being part of my Mary Wigham stitching journey!

Mary Wigham: Part 13 & Birth Sampler: Part 1

Good day, my Friends! There’s really nothing much to see here — but I thought I would show you my turtle-paced progress on my Quaker samplers.

Completed Mary Wigham

Completed Mary Wigham

Here is a quick peek on my Mary Wigham. Stitching the white on the lambswool linen was quite challenging in that it was hard to see the white against the light background. But I love the lacy effect!

Now, as if I need yet another work in progress (right!)… I am showing a teeny bit of progress on Baby’s birth sampler. A dear friend (for whom Baby’s middle name is named) had bought the sampler chart for Baby’s birthday. I want to get started on the sampler right away so that I can show this dear lady the progress of Baby’s sampler chart whenever we visit her… the colors are inspired by Baby’s Birthplate/Porringer:

I have been doing some research on the meaning of sampler motifs.  I am keeping a log to document the meanings of the different motifs stitched in this sampler so that I can use the meanings of the motifs to pray for Baby.  Baby will eventually be gifted with the sampler and the journal.

I found out that tulips in samplers mean “perfect love”. I am praying that baby would grow up knowing that she is loved, and that she would know the  Perfect Love and the source thereof.  Now, I can’t quite figure out what that orange-y peach flower is.  I am wondering if any of you might have an idea so that I can attempt to find the significance associated to that motif.

Those who are regulars here know that garment construction and I are like oil and water!!! Putting Baby’s dresses together inevitably turns into a saga, almost every time… I messed up on the armholes on the back skirt – that’s after I painstaking put in the placket and gathered one half of the skirt that I realized the armholes were wrongly drawn and cut. *sigh* So, I am taking stitches out and starting again!

Other than that, my Summer Solstice quilt is all put together. I am hoping to get started on quilting it within the next day or two (after I successfully put that Easter dress together, of course!  HAHAHAHA!).

I hope to have pictures showing REAL progress for you very soon! Thanks for stopping by – have a lovely day!

Mary Wigham: Part 12

I have come to affectionately called my Mary Wigham project my “downstairs” project. I keep it downstairs to work on whenever I have a few moments in between house chores.  Most days, I get by with barely five stitches.  But the meager five stitches are better than none as I am five stitches closer to the finish line.  Here is what I have so far:

The yellow and the dark blue are the latest additions:

The reason I am stitching Mary and hopefully a bunch of other Quaker samplers is because I want these samplers to compliment the Quaker Birth Sampler I am stitching for Baby (I will show you my progress picture very soon):

I hope in about 5-6 year’s time, I shall have enough Quaker samplers stitched to fill up a wall… at least that’s the plan in my little head! :)

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a lovely day.  I am off to bind my Baby Pink “Safari” quilt!

Mary Wigham: Part 11

Yeap – I am still inching along in my Mary Wigham, ever so slowly:

This is from the progress picture from waaaaay back when:

I really like stitching over one, as long as I don’t have to take any stitches out:

Is it me, or are you too seeing visions of Mary Wigham on this rug?

I am slow by nature when it comes to stitching. But I might see about trying to stitch faster this coming year when I saw this quote :) If you are making a New Year resolution of more stitching and exercising, this quote is for you!

If I stitch fast enough, does it count as aerobic exercise?

~Author Unknown

Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy your visit!

Mary Wigham: Part 10

blue monday

Happy Monday, Everyone!  I hope you had a good weekend.


I SPLURGED!!!  I have a few quilt-related things to do, but after coming through two rather gruesome deadlines….. I just needed to chill.  So, I splurged!!  I read, I did some needlework, I piddled, I dropped off some quilts at the local county fair, and … I just RELAXED.  I SPLURGED!  Here is the latest progress picture of my Mary Wigham.

I am really loving the colors in this sampler, especially the blues.  That’s why I decided to include this post as a Blue Monday post:


It is back to work for me now that it’s Monday!!!  I hope you have a productive week ahead of you.  I will catch up with you tomorrow.

Mary Wigham: Part 9


Cathi noted that we might have to go back to remedial counting classes to help us minimize our most frustrating UN-stitching adventures detours in our needlework projects. The thought is rather humbling (and somewhat disturbing) to me because in my mind, I didn’t need to re-take any remedial Math courses. In my other life, I had tackled Advanced Differential Equations! That aside, Cathi’s suggestion was taken to heart. I broke out these books to brush up on my counting:


You can see here I went the extra mile in my counting review to make sure I can count beyond 10 without much difficulty:

Equipped with my re-acquainted counting skills, I went back to stitching my Mary, and you can see the progress. Those remedial counting classes really helped! I didn’t have to un-stitch as much. Cathi was right, I did need to go back to taking remedial counting class:


Those half-urns really “spoke” to me. I love love love classic-looking urns, and stitching the motifs with urns was most enjoyable to me:



Now, how about some REAL ornamental urns for your viewing enjoyment?



Thanks for popping by. Happy Day, and Happy Stitching to you! Just a suggestion, if the misfortune of having to un-stitch befalls you, you might just need to stop and take some remedial counting classes. They really worked for me, and they might for you too! :) Thank you, Cathi!

Mary Wigham: Part 8


Hello Fellow Stitchers,

One step forward and two steps backward is my summary of my latest Mary progress!

Do you see anything amiss in the pictures?



The placement of my flower sprig is WAY OFF!! Can you believe I have been going on with life for at least three weeks and not even realized it?

I am a terrible stickler to plans — so, without hesitation, I knew I was going take out the stitches. It took me hours to take those stitches out because they were stitched one over one on a 32-count linen. What a royal waste of time — the time I could have used to actually ADD stitches to my Mary. All that done, I am still stuck in part 1.  You can see the latest of my Mary:


I guess sometimes life is such that when we take a step forward, we ended up taking two steps backward. But if we keep at it, we will eventually get to where we have set out mind. You can see I am quite desperate to find some solace in coming up with a deep philosophical thought to lessen the pain from having take out my 2-1/2 week’s worth of work! :(  Thinking of
Vicki who has had to take out stitches on her cat a couple of months ago helped me persevere through hours of un-stitching. I guess our trials aren’t unique to just us after all.

Thank you for popping by. I hope you have great stitching day – whether you are doing real stitching, or just stitching your story of life in general!

p.s. If you have had the misfortune of having to take out stitches, I find that using a piece masking tape to dab over the area you have un-stitch cleans up the residual fluff from the floss quite nicely.

Mary Wigham: Part 7


I have been imagining how Mary would have stitched her sampler. Jacqueline of Needleprint has already indicated that these samplers were stitched during off-time for the school girls.


So, I was wondering if Mary liked stitching right at daybreak, or by perhaps candlelight at night. Did she stitch her sampler in her bed, or did she relax on a chair while stitching? Did she stitch along with her friends on their individual samplers, or chatting and catching on the latest news around Ackworth?


Did she plan out her colors on the sampler, or she just used whatever floss was available? I want to think she got to choose the colors she wanted for her sampler, and that she is a rather sweet-natured girl for picking this subtle shade of pink:


But what I really want to know for now is whether Mary had any trouble stitching this motif! I was almost 3/4 done, and realized that I made a calculation booboo. I had to undo many stitches and started all over again. The motif is a beauty, but another doozie for me to stitch:


Jacqueline has posted a fascinating story on Mary. Please click here to read Mary’s story. I hope you would enjoy Mary’s story as much as I have!

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have another lovely day!

Mary Wigham: Part 6


This week, my Mary Wigham is being inspected by two Dutch inspectors:


They weren’t too impressed with my progress because I am still stuck in Part 1 of 9, while this week marks the week for Part 7 of the installment for the Wigham chart.  They definitely didn’t buy into all the excuses I had for my slow progress, save for the one that I said I enjoy savoring every single stitch, even if it is at snail pace.  With that, they were slightly placated:


In my last attempt to impress upon these inspectors that I was really trying my best, I told them what a doozie it was to stitch this floral motif.  I went into the gross details of how I had to undo some stitches in certain areas multiple times just so that I can be true to the original.  I mean, I could have fudged, but I didn’t… what did that get me?  Nothing!  The inspectors said not a word in response:


With that, I am going to end my Mary update for this week.  If you have enjoyed Mary as much as I do, whether you are stitching or not, I hope you would consider donating to the funds to preserve Mary for the next 200 years.  You may click here to donate via the paypal account set up for the purpose.  Thank you in advance for donating to Mary’s “dowry”!   Thank you for popping by.  I wish you a great day!

Mary Wigham: Part 5


Good day, everyone. I hope you are enjoying your day. I thought I would post a progress report on Mary before the weekend begins.  I have been experiencing a puppy dog love for antique samplers ever since I started stitching Mary.  Needleprint has indeed opened up the world of needlework for me like never before:


Oh, I am telling you… each time I start on a new motif on Mary, I find a new favorite color! Don’t you just love this light blue?


I also started on a new motif with ecru floss.  I am stitching the sampler as a reproduction. So, I will follow exactly what the teacher prescribes to use. Do pop on to Needleprint’s blog to see some stunning color schemes for Mary.


Thanks again for stopping by. I always enjoy having you visit.

Mary Wigham: Part 3


Jacqueline of Needleprint graciously made mention of me in one of her posts. I have enjoyed learning bits and pieces about the girls that stitched the Ackworth samplers while I am stitching Mary. I felt a strong sense of kinship and empathy with these girls (though most of them remain silent in their history, according to Jacqueline) in that they, like me, could only stitch on their sampler in their spare time. I am inspired by these girls to patiently fill in the sampler one stitch at a time in my spare time… so, here is my latest progress:



“Nice colors” was my husband’s assessment. I have to say I totally agree with him:


Jacqueline couldn’t determine how much time it took for the girls to stitch their samplers. As for me, it took me three weeks to reach this point. My stitching time is never more than 20 minutes a day. I had an exception yesterday. I stitched for about an hour at a coffee shop. I know I must make quite a strange sight at the coffee shop. After all, when was the last time you saw someone working on her needlework at a coffee shop? ;) But it was fun for me as I was able to get a little bit of progress on the green motif:


I hope you are inspired by the creativity and perseverance of the Ackworth schoolgirls in making that samplers. Though annals were not written about their life and accomplishments, they have blessed us with their needles and threads – and for that, their legacy lives on!

Have a lovely weekend. I will see you again next week!

Mary Wigham: Part 2


I am not making as much of a progress compared to some in the Stitch-Along — go on to the USA group to see some amazing progress and pictures. Not everyone is using the suggested color schemes. So, you will see some neat interpretations of the sampler. This is what I have so far:



I have had the most enjoyable time filling in each and every stitch:


A little tidbit from The Scarlet Letter on the Quaker Samplers to help you appreciate these historical samplers — Quaker samplers are unique in that the motifs and designs used on them are entirely of the Friends’ own making. The style spread from Europe to America, and remained distinctive even in this widely separated environments. The Quaker designs are reflective of the Quaker theology, extolling the virtues of plainness, of standing apart from the sphere of influence of the outside world, and of peace and serenity (as symbolized by the popular sampler motifs of floating swans, wreaths, floral sprigs, and paired doves).


Thanks for stopping by and be a part of my Mary Wigham journey.  I hope you have a great weekend!