I spy with my own eyes…

Happy Monday, Friends!  I am exhausted, but I was most excited heading out to the Post Office this morning posting my two quilts to their respective destinations.

In one of my quilts, I spy with my own eyes….


… fabrics from Nancy Gere’s Low Country Indigo for Windham.   Read about Nancy’s fabrics here.

You know I love history, but the funny thing is that I really haven’t worked with any historic-themed fabrics until very recently.  I couldn’t be happier and excited about the prospect!!!  Stay tuned for some designs coming up I did using more reproduction lines — SO excited is all I can say.

So — curious mind wants to know if you like using reproduction fabrics in your quilts.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a lovely week ahead.  It’s time for me to catch up with laundry and housework… or, Miss Baby is going to say, “Mom, I don’t mean to nag, but I think you need to dust this lamp! I am seeing powdery dust on it.”  Yeah, about that… I shall get right on it!  Thus, the reason why my sister calls me the overqualified maid and underpaid chauffeur.