Rescued Treasure

You can imagine the chill (and thrill) when I saw this little tidbit about how this dollhouse came to be in the collection of the DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum.  That contractor who discovered and rescued this 12 foot long dollhouse from the claw of the bulldozer is a hero in my book.


I shall just let the pictures do the talking for most of the rest of the post.











I was totally transfixed by this amazing world of small, imagining myself as the lady of the manor… until I heard Miss Baby say, “Mom, could you please stop taking pictures so that I can look at at the rooms?”  [Child, why did you drag me back to reality?]


Are you a rescuer of treasures from the past?  I would love to hear your story!

[I once purchased an old Duncan Phyfe dining set — because I couldn’t bear the sadness on the face of the original owner parting with her dining set because she was moving to a nursing home.  She had had the set for decades, since she was married.  I told her I would love her dining set to the best of my ability.  Sadly, I too had to part with that dining set when we made the move out east a few years ago. There are days I wonder if that dining set is treated well by its new owner.  My love of history makes me go warm and fuzzy and sentimental over old things — what can I say? Disclaimer – I am most certainly not a pack rat though. That’s possible, right?]