Big Time in McCALL’S QUICK QUILTS (April/May 2016) & Giveaways!

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Hello Friends, you may recall I had shared with you a free to use Big Love quilt pattern, using Windham’s Go Big or Go Home fabric line.  Click here if you had missed the post.

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Today I am happy to share with you about my Big Time quilt that is featured in McCall’s Quick Quilts April/May 2016.   This is another quilt I designed using the fabrics from Go Big or Go Home fabric line.  Disclaimer: Please be assured that the name Big Time chosen for the quilt does NOT implied I have hit big time in any way.  In fact, I am still a very small timer! :)  The magazine copies are on newsstands NOW!



This is actually a queen sized bed quilt, but is designed for you to finish piecing the top in a very very reasonable amount of time.  Click here for my guest blog post on McCall’s Quilting blog to find out why.  A big shout out to McCall’s for having me back again to guest-post.


You can see I have grays in my quilt!  And the grays don’t really look all that gloomy when used with the other brights in the fabric line!


This is another example of my potluck approach to designing – I just throw in all the colors, and see what comes of it.  Hot pinks, Lime greens, Aquas and Orange seem to get along well with each other.  I never know what I get — and I have to say, I am surprised every time by the result when I use my potluck approach.


A big thank you to Karen M. Fisher and Cathy Messner for making the quilt happen!  Check out the aqua tonal fabric. Miss Baby is of the persuasion if I were to let her use the quilt on her bed, she would display the quilt with the quilt back on the top, showing the entire expanse of the aqua tonal fabric!  No comment on that, haha!


Giveaway #1.  I am giving away two magazine copies to those who would like the instructions to make this quilt! Leave a comment and tell me if you actually use the quilts you make.  I will pick and announce the winner on next Friday (March 11, 2016).


Giveaway #2.  You will have a chance to win a signed copy of my new book Creative New Quilts & Project using Precuts or Stash if you leave a comment on my McCall’s Quilting guest blog post!  So, be sure to make a stop there.


That’s all for today – I hope you have a most fanta-bulous one!  I have to brave the traffic and run errands today.


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