Framed Monogrammed Needlework

I completed this monogrammed piece way back in late 2008.  The pattern is by Martine Leonard, a French needlework designer.   I kept a rouge monochromatic color scheme to keep the French feel of the design.

I finally broke down and got it framed.  That shows you just how much I don’t have everything together…

I chose a rustic frame to give the piece an old French farmhouse look.  I dream of having a farmhouse kitchen one of these days.

The frame lady convinced me to use museum glass, and I was so glad she did.  The glass seems much clearer.

So, if you have this framed piece, where would you display it in your house?  I am just curious.

It is off to work I go.  I am SO behind – that’s why you haven’t heard from me much.  Take care, everyone!  I hope to be able to catch up with you soon.

Needlework: It’s DONE, and…

… the border even closed up nicely! I have had quite a nightmare with the border not matching up in another sampler that I am working on (I have mentioned about it in this post).



This was a really fun project (Design by Martine Leonard, stitched two-over-two on 28-count Wichelt linen) with only the monochromatic color scheme. It was a nice detour from the teddy bear project with countless of color changes with every two stitches or so (okay, I am exaggerating a bit).


The rouge just looks so French, doesn’t it?


Have a superb Monday, Everyone!

Inspired by Rouge

I find many of the French cross-stitch patterns beautiful in their own way – simple, and yet timelessly elegant. I simply couldn’t pass these French patterns up when I was shopping at a needlework store a while back. The rouge on linen is just too pretty:

They also came with cute little charms:

I have a long list of projects to do — and I think I just might have to bump these pretties up on the list! :)


Now, lest you think I never finish anything I start, how about an actually finished project? I made this for one of my closest friends because her favorite Scripture passage is Psalm 23. The cross-stitch motif, stitched on Belgian Linen, is patterned after traditional 18th embroidery motifs. The finished size was something like 20″ x 25″ before framing:

I hardly do anything twice, especially when it comes to needlework. But I liked this so much that I started one for myself with colors reflecting the Americana theme. I was just about finished, when I realized my border on the right hand side didn’t “close” up properly. So, I am in the process of taking stitches and trying to figure where I have erred — I was just going to fudge it, but my conscience wouldn’t let me rest… so, technically in every sense of the word, my Psalm 23 sampler counts as an unfinished project. Would anyone like to help me out here?! ;)