“Quilting Curvy Feathers” in MACHINE QUILTING UNLIMITED (March/April 2013)

MQU March 2013 cover

Hello Friends!  Before I even saw my copy, some of you had written to me with kind words about my “Quilting Curvy Feathers” article in the latest March/April 2013 issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited!  I really appreciate the positive feedback on the article.


This is my first time ever being published in Machine Quilting Unlimited.  If you are unfamiliar with that magazine, it is an amazing publication that features works of HUGE HUGE names in machine quilting.  [I am a HUGE fan of Sandra Leichner!] Click here to subscribe.


As I often share with you, I am just a wee fish in the vast ocean of quilting, and oftentimes swimming upstream. I am learning and experimenting like everyone else, with LOTS more to learn and experiment.  To have something featured in Machine Quilting Unlimited seems unreal to me, even after seeing the article in print.


I say all that to encourage you to take the plunge to machine quilt — you might really enjoy yourself along the way and end up one of the HUGE HUGE names I talked about!  I also want to take the opportunity to thank you all for being my friends, sharing with me my machine quilting journey – albeit a rather wee journey!  Quilt on, my quilting friends — and hugs to you all, even if you don’t quilt.


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